Hiking in Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the most picturesque hill-stations in God’s own country, Kerala. Known for its sheer greenery, it comes alive with the pitter-patter of a billion raindrops.

Monsoon in Wayanad is something worth witnessing, a perfect place to run away to from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Best Time to Visit - June to September, it receives heavy rainfall during monsoon, it's very humid but also very green

Famous for - Wayanad houses the Chembra peak

Terrain - Wayanad is a plateau in the Western Ghats with vast stretches mountains, green meadows of valleys, white water springs, blue water lakes and wild forests

Elevation - Height of 2100 meters above sea level

Poetry by Sayooj

I see god in the nature valleys! I hear her lullaby rising their wings in the early morning light!
And I sit and pray for a day when we will no longer be controlled by our illusion of insecurity.
A day when we will learn to love our beautiful broken pieces.
A day when the sound of stillness will drown our thoughts into a subtle peace when our holiness is measured by the depth at which we forgive
A day when our people will come together as a family we always knew we were heaven on earth is already here sometimes you just have to close your eyes to see it and breathe slowly and deep.
Remember my faith resides in the earth and mountains beneath my feet the sky cradling my wildest dream in her fingertips inborn nature trip is all I have
Now unconditional human togetherness is my final dream to this world
and that's"s enough to Live forever in love with this incredible land of magics
Come over to this mountain for one last time  
Cause they are like a tree rooted in snow you'll fear the ice and crave the green.  
Location : Myladi Rock hill, Wayanad district Kerala
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