The trouble of a rainy day goes very back in time. The time when we weren’t really allowed to go out and play and would have to be stuck indoors forced to read a book maybe (although, the idea of that doesn’t sound too bad now) at that point it was horrifying!

Weather for many can break or make an outdoor activity but a rainy day doesn’t necessarily need to be a downer. Keep an open mind and hit the outdoors to make the best of the season.

Monsoon is actually a brilliant time to be outdoors. Everything is greener and alive.


Camping in the rain is no picnic but if you enjoy nature, it’s an adventure worth experiencing. As you head out camping, it’s a good idea to prepare for it well.



– Choose the right Tent which is waterproof and windproof

– Make sure you have a Rain Cover on your backpack

– Pick out your gear carefully with a waterproof jacket, rain trousers and hiking shoes that are waterproof plus breathable.


The trails might be un-walkable which may leave you with a lot of time inside your tent so get prepared to enjoy the sound of the rain on the tent with a good book inside.

Camping isn’t supposed to be always easy but that’s what makes it worth it. Your rain-soaked adventure will leave you with good memories and stories to share.


If you’ve never really warmed up to the idea of rain and feel like it’s hampering your daily run or even deterring you to travel to the gym, consider working out at home.

It’s a good amount of time that you spend indoors keeping the rain out. Don’t make a compromise on your workout routine since it can be easily accessed at home. Get yourself a bench press or even a weight training bar rack and never miss a single day of workout.



Admit it, even if you dislike rain, while playing football you don’t care even if it snows. For ages, a rainy day has been considered the perfect weather for football.

So rain basically doesn’t need to go away for little Johnie to stay and play as long as he has his football boots on.


There’s a saying about how a smooth sea never makes a skilful sailor. Similarly, good weather all the time never gives you the right sense of adventure. So set your fears to sail and take your boat out on a rainy day.

A waterproof sailing jacket, water shoes, a water repellent pair of Bermuda and you’re ready to seas the day!


If you enjoy riding, you probably won’t mind the rain and even if you do, it’s a good idea to get the hang of it because it can get difficult. If you ride long enough, you’re bound to face the rain at some point so it makes sense to be prepared.

Dress to be comfortable and confident with your cycling rain jacket that comes with a hood and rain pants with shoe cover and you’re good to feel like a hero once you see onlookers gape at your ride through conditions that can feel very difficult.

If you’re still not convinced, you could always practice cycling indoors on your home trainer through the rainy season!


A rainy day sure keeps the fair weather anglers at home so it could be an interesting time for you to have all the fishes in the lake to yourself.

Just sitting and getting soaked in the rain is not the brightest idea so make sure you get yourself a waterproof poncho and gumboots to keep dry.


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