Whether you are exploring the great outdoors or you simply want to appreciate nature with a long hike, you must be ready for what the elements may have in store for you.  No one can tell where your feet will take you when setting up camp. That is exactly why we checked the web to bring together the best waterproof pants for you. Subsequently, this purchasing guide is adequately broad enough to give you the most ideal choices for buying waterproof pants.


When mountain hiking takes you chasing, fishing, trekking, setting up camp, or climbing, waterproof pants won't just shield your legs from wet climate and through streams and rivers, they will also keep your legs comfortable and warm. To keep your legs secured in the wild, your trousers need to offer you protection from water. Strolling, climbing, or standing in wet regions, should repel sufficient water to keep your legs dry. 

The waterproofing found in waterproof pants can come as a covering or a film, and there are different levels of assurance that they can offer you. These coverings are viewed as exceptionally water-safe while allowing your skin to breathe. Our climber architects at Decathlon have eco-planned waterproof pants for your climbs on marshes or the coast. A bonus if there should arise an occurrence of a downpour!

Table of Contents

  1. Best Waterproof Pants for Monsoon Hiking
  2. The material used for Waterproof Pants
  3. Types of Waterproof Pants
  4. Hiking Tips for Monsoon
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line.

Decathlon is your one-stop shop to purchase all kinds of sports and fitness goods. Choose from a wide range of waterproof trousers in India for your trekking or skiing activities. We aim to make sports more accessible to everyone across the globe by providing world-class products, both for enthusiastic beginners as well as passionate professionals, at affordable prices. With over 2,000 stores, across 56 countries in 5 continents, with a workforce of 1,00,000+ passionate people, we remain committed and dedicated to sports.

Best Waterproof Pants for Monsoon Hiking

Buying trek pants can get confusing as these are usually a one-time investment. You can’t just buy them off the shelf. Why? Because not knowing what qualities to look for in trek pants can keep you confused for hours. We have compiled a list of the best waterproof pants you can consider.

1. Decathlon Men’s Waterproof Hiking Over trousers NH500

Priced at a reasonable rate of ₹699 on a discount of MRP ₹999 these waterproof pants are available from sizes XS to 3XL. It is made of a 2000 mm waterproof coating with a fully taped seam making it compact and breathable. It is eco-designed with a dye that saves up to 60% of water and reduces the CO2 impact. It is an easy-to-use product with a lightweight anatomic design. The garment of this waterproof trouser in India has been validated in a shower test under 60 litres of water per square metre/hour for 2 hours, coming with a warranty of 2 years.

2. Decathlon Men’s Waterproof mountain walking over-trousers - MH500

Priced at ₹3,999 and available in sizes UK28 to UK46, these waterproof pants have a compact design that perfectly complements your waterproof outfit. It takes up very little space because it is foldable into your pockets only. It protects your body from a storm with its 3-layered membrane. It is also breathable because of its perspiration-wicking component and comes with storage pockets so that your belongings inside your rucksack do not get wet. 

3. Women’s Hiking Waterproof Over-Trousers Rain cut 

Priced at ₹999 only and available in sizes 2XS to 2XL, these waterproof pants for women have high breathability which ensures hygienic comfort throughout the rainstorms. It also has a built-in pocket that women could utilize to keep their essentials. It is very comfortable and is a user-friendly product. 

4. Kids’ Waterproof Hiking Over Trousers - MH100 Aged 7-15 - Navy Blue

Priced at ₹1,099, this product is available for kids aged 7 years to 15. This pair of waterproof pants for kids is a great value for money because of its breathable material that does not itch or irritate your kids. It is easy to wear and repels rain and marsh water, keeping them free from any infection. It is lightweight and easy to carry without any hassle. It can be used for other purposes in the city as well like on a rainy day in the monsoons.  

The Material used for Waterproof Pants

Waterproof pants have one main objective—to keep your legs dry—however, the innovation and highlights behind them are not all that straightforward. If you head into the rain gear aisle at your nearby store, you're probably going to see phrases like waterproof-breathable and DWR. 

This innovation at first hit the market in the late 1970s when outerwear with a GORE-TEX overlay was first presented. From that point forward, different brands have fostered their waterproof-breathable texture however many sticks to "GORE-TEX." The rationale behind the innovation is twofold: not exclusively will your skin stay dry, yet the waterproof-breathable texture will permit further body dampness to escape so you don't wind up feeling like you are climbing in sweat-soaked garbage sack. Most waterproof and breathable pants come in one of three alternatives: 

  • 2-layer development 
  • 2.5-layer development 
  • 3-layer development 

When you're shopping for waterproof pants, you'll probably see the letters DWR. This represents solid water repellent. This is a synthetic treatment that is applied to the face texture to hold it back from retaining water. As we referenced above, we don't need the external layer to get soaked, since that permits the whole pant to get weighty.

The DWR covering opposes the dampness from an external perspective and keeps this from occurring. To sweeten the deal, DWR doesn't hinder the breathability of the centre layer, so your trousers will allow all your body warmth to get away. All waterproof pants should include DWR, just as most water-safe outside design.

Types of Waterproof Pants

Since you now understand the major innovative stuff behind waterproof pants, you can begin shopping for waterproof pants for fishing, hiking, travel, etc. Your decision will rely generally upon your chosen activity. So, here are some of the many types of waterproof pants that we have segregated for you.

For Hiking 

When you are looking for the best climbing garments, you will need to come across waterproof pants that are both lightweight and packable, just as breathable. Because with hiking, there is a decent possibility that 2-layer pants will not cut it since they are heavier and bulkier on account of the hanging inward liner. It is without a doubt that you will need to pick a 2.5 or 3-layer pant. 

For Backpacking

Most backpackers aren’t usually lucky when a harsh climate rolls in. Explorers need to zero in on the weight and packability of their trousers since there might be a limited space inside their knapsacks. You need lightweight pants like a 2-layer or an over-the-top pant that packs down a little is tough and may have a couple of extra highlights to add to the decency factor. 

For Fishing 

Many fishing lovers will be on the bank of a stream no matter what, so they need waterproof pants for fishing to stay careful. This is an instance of when a 2-layer pant might be the most ideal alternative. In case you're simply climbing from your vehicle to the stream, there is a decent possibility that a lightweight and packable pant isn't required. Also, your cardio power isn't high as it could be with different sports, so the hanging liner is certainly not a serious deal since you don't require as much breathability. 

For Skiing

For skiing, if you stick to the resort, odds are a 2.5-layer gasp will get the job done for you. It will in any case be breathable, so you don't suffocate in your body heat while lapping the slope. For skiers or snowshoers, a 3-layer pant will suffice. Visiting and climbing uphill is difficult, and the power prompts a ton of body warmth and an overabundance of sweat. During colder times of the year, it's important to ensure that you don't end up wearing perspiration doused apparel, since wet layers can prompt hypothermia. The breathability of your pants should be high, and lightweight material will feel significantly better on your skin.

Hiking Tips for Monsoon

The way into an incredible monsoon trekking experience is being prepared. Here are some tips that you should always consider.

1. Remember to carry a raincoat

2. Wear non-cotton pants 

3. For travellers wearing specs, do carry goggles

4. Take great consideration of your feet 

5. Carry an additional cover for your electronic gadgets 

6. Pack utility products like a light snack, water bottle, etc. 

7. Keep a Mosquito Repellent 

8. Ensure that your tent is waterproof 

9. Bring along a portable water filter.

Bet prepared for everything as hiking usually comprises of exploring rugged landscapes and this renders an unexpected trip in comparison to your typical journey. It will require arrangements to be made ahead of time. There will be obstacles, and the weather conditions are sure to test you consistently, so you need to set yourself up (psyche and body) for the storm season.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best waterproof clothing?

A lot has changed since hefty, unbreathable plastic rain gears were considered standard wet-climate clothing. The raincoats we have access to now are much lighter, milder, more breathable, stretchy, and more waterproof than the previous types.

2. What is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

The contrast between water-resistant and waterproof emerges from the texture. A water-safe material is so firmly woven that water battles to get past. Be that as it may, a water-resistant coat can simply confront only a given amount of rainwater. A waterproof material gives a total boundary to water. 

  • Water-resistant: Ready to oppose the entrance of water somewhat however not altogether 
  • Water-repellent: Not effectively entered by water, particularly because of being treated for such reasons with a surface covering 
  • Waterproof: Impenetrable to water.

3. What is the most breathable waterproof jacket?

An incredible all-rounder waterproof coat is the Berghaus Sky Hiker Waterproof Jacket. It is made with Berghaus' own 'Hydro shell' texture. This coat is breathable, waterproof, and will keep you securely shielded from both light showers and heavy rains.

The Bottom Line
This article provides a guide to choosing the ideal pair of waterproof pants for women, men, and kids, some various sorts of choices accessible in India, and a few of the best-regarded rain clothing items across the world. Additionally, we have responded to some commonly posed inquiries about picking the right pair of pants for monsoon hiking. With a pair of comfortable pants, you stand a chance to challenge yourself to a day of trekking and hiking during the wet cold downpours and experience a fruitful day outdoors!


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