Zdukou Valley Hike

Dzukou Valley is one of the gems of North-East India on the border of two states – Manipur and Nagaland. Dzukou Valley is also known as the Valley of Flowers. 

  • Mid-June until August, if you'd like to see flowers in full blossom.
  • The Dzukou lily that only grows in this area.
  • Bamboo grasslands, wildflowers, steep ascents and descents

How to Reach Zdukou from Guwahati?

We took a night train from Guwahati to Dimapur. On reaching Dimapur Railway Station at 6:00am in the morning, we shared a taxi with a cost of 300 rs per person and headed toward Kohima. It took us around 3 hours to reach Kohima from where we took another taxi to Visvema.

Visvema is the place where the hike begins.

At Visvema Village you have to pay an entry fee for the valley and there they also explain that if you are carrying any plastic, you have to bring it back.

trekker in valley

The Initial 4-5 kms are a normal uphill climb through a forest of pine trees and small huts situated here and there.

It was raining heavily the day we started our hike but thanks to our backpack raincover and rain jackets, it didn't affect us so much.

After an hour of hiking, we reached the point from where it is a rather steep climb until you reach the point from where the entire view of the valley is visible. The steep climb wasn't that tough probably because I've been on other hikes earlier. For a complete beginner, it could be a little difficult. The interesting thing was that at multiple points they've put signages with thoughtful messages on them.

hut in Zdukou Valley Nagaland

I reached the final point from where the valley and the basecamp are visible, followed by a normal trail toward the base camp. We took some rest, hydrated ourself because the rain had stopped and we were sweating a lot from an hour-long steep climb.

Trekker in Nagaland Valley

We reached the basecamp in the evening, pitched our Arpenaz 2 tent and got ready for the evening.

There was a possibility of carrying your utensils and cooking your food but we weren't carrying any food so we decided to eat the food that was made in the kitchen of the basecamp.

At night the temperatures dropped to 4-degree Celcius in the valley and it also got windy. In such temperatures, we understood the importance of carrying a fleece or even a windproof jacket. In the morning, I woke up early and after a tea and biscuit session, left for the valley. It took us around 30 minutes to get there. 

Landscape view of the Zdokou valley

The valley was a bit humid but it felt good in the morning.

The flowers had just started blooming mixed with a smell of wet soil, herbs, and bushes, it was nice. 

After spending some time in the valley we came back to the base camp and decided to descend the very same day. 

flower in the valley
Sky view of tHE VALLEY
water pond in Zdukou valley
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