Face the whims of Mother Nature, difficult to keep the same motivation. But it would be a pity that monsoon deprives you of the pleasure of pedaling! Our advice? In the event of a downpour, keep your spirits up and equip yourself accordingly ...

1. I Protect My Clothes

A drizzle or a beautiful shower: nothing will prevent you from going out on a bike! To keep your clothes dry, you can wear a rain poncho. With its wide collar and its ample space, it can be worn in the blink of an eye. Ideal in case of a sudden change of the weather! For more optimal protection, put on a waterproof jacket and over-pants. The detail is what makes all the difference? A model equipped with built-in protections for shoes! History of keeping an impeccable outfit, even in bad weather.

2. I Protect My Hands

When you ride in the rain, especially at high speed, cold weather and humidity can attack your hands. The trick? Waterproof gloves designed for cyclists! They preserve your hands on bad weather and also offer you effective protection in the event of a fall. Admit it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

3. I Protect My Things

Telephone, laptop, or identity papers: your personal belongings should be kept dry in case of rain. If the effectiveness of waterproof bags or wallets is no longer to demonstrate, a simple rain cover placed around your backpack can also be the case. For a better seal, choose a model perfectly adapted to the volume of your backpack. Not too big or too small, to marry its contours as close as possible!

4. I Protect My Bike

The cables, chains and other derails on your bike do not like rain so much! Better to protect them from moisture in rainy weather. The ideal? A versatile product of the all in one type. Degreaser, lubricant and anti-moisture, a bike cover it is an effective barrier against rust and corrosion. Thus protected, your bike will continue to fulfill its mission without fail, regardless of the vagaries of the weather!

5. And I Do Not Forget To Protect Myself!

Pedaling in rainy weather is not as difficult as it sounds! Provided you take a few precautions, you will even be surprised to have fun! The golden rule? See and be seen! The rain makes you less visible, so we recommend that you wear a reflective vest so that you can be easily spotted by other road users. Another useful tip is to equip your bike with notched or grooved tires, and make sure they are properly inflated. You will then have the assurance of a perfect grip, even on soggy ground! We do not skimp on security!

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