The article provides a deep understanding of how to fold an inflatable kayak without destroying its features. This will also help keep the kayak under safe conditions.


Kayaking is a fun sport. Especially if you’ve got a group, it is one of the most exciting activities you should try. But most people are confused about how to fold an inflatable kayak. While there are a lot of guides that do explain how to fold your kayak, it sometimes becomes hard to follow the steps that are provided. For a better understanding of how to easily fold your inflatable fishing kayak, here is a guide that will give some basic steps that can be easily performed.

Step-by-step instructions to fold an inflatable kayak 

To fold an inflatable kayak, the following steps can be performed.

Step 1:

Deflate all of the chambers that are present, which includes both sides, a floor and three seats.

Step 2:

Make sure there is zero to no pinching and uneven folding while you fold the kaya. Also, make sure that you always straighten out the tarpaulin and nylon.

Step 3:

Now lay the kayak on a flat ground surface.

Step 4:

Detach the seat from the main body of the kayak set and then fold them into two and position them in a perpendicular direction to the centerline of the kayak based on the Velcro on top.

Step 5:

Now flip the right side of the inflatable kayak to the middle while touching the edge of the seat backrests. The seat backrests will help in providing width to the folded kayak.

Step 6:

Start folding the bow or the front side of the kayak. This will help push excess air present in the kayak to be let out while you fold the kayak to the valves in the back of the kayak.

Step 7:

Normally, you’d want to fold your inflatable kayak at the same length as a seat. This will make sure that you get to wrap around the seats.

Step 8:

When you reach the back of the kayak, you might want to fold the back of the kayak toward the front side to at least 25 cm and then top off the front part on this folded section. This will provide a very straight and clean fold.

Step 9:

Using the carry bag, you can now store your inflatable kayaks.  


While the above guide provides some of the easiest steps to fold a kayak, you might want to check out the best inflatable kayak as they allow for better usage and folding experience. Some of these best inflatable kayaks are also one of the best choices as they provide excellent properties, unlike other normal inflatable fishing kayaks. With advanced elements in the kayak set, it is also possible to store the kayak away in a much easier way.


  1. What is the best pressure for an inflatable kayak?

The best pressure for an inflatable kayak will be 2 to 2.5 psi as they provide an excellent balance to the kayak while also boosting its performance.

  1. What is the best way to store an inflatable kayak?

The best way to store an inflatable kayak would be to ensure that you use a carry bag and keep it as away from water as possible.

  1. How much wind is too much for an inflatable kayak?

Any wind that does not exceed 10 knots is a safe way to kayak, especially with an inflatable kayak.

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