Kayaking is a water sport that involves sitting in a small watercraft propelling yourself with a double sided paddle. Some people go kayaking for leisure and a few people as a sport. We all know participating in various types of exercise and sport is a great way to stay in shape. Many people go running or play football, with an even larger segment of the population opting for the gym. We are all familiar with how crowded gyms are becoming, and the workouts are often tedious and little fun. So why not participate in an exceedingly abundant celebrated however typically unnoticed type of exercise like kayaking? It is an excellent low impact activity that increases strength, improves aerobic fitness and adds to your flexibility.

Kayaking offers Physical as well as mental health benefits.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of kayaking below;

1. Weight loss

One of the greatest benefits of kayaking is weight loss. Anyone considering to lose weight should consider kayaking because it fun at the same time as losing weight. An hour of kayaking can happily burn 4000 calories. Kayaking is one of the top exercises that can burn more calories than the traditional weight loss workout which is jogging. Per hour rate is lower than other more intense forms of exercise—running or swimming, for example.

Losing weight can be quite challenging. Kayaking more than makes up for that because it often ends up for hours. It is good that kayaking helps shedding those pounds a lot easier. Very few people run for an hour but many kayakers head out for an outing. It is also great because kayaking helps build upper body as one is paddling around 500 stokes per mile. This means that in one hour at 3mph one is going to do 1500 reps of low impact upper body movements and no matter what your goal is but you are going to end up toning every muscle.

2. Good Source of Vitamin D

We all need Vitamin D to help us live a healthy life. Luckily kayaking is a great way of getting Vitamin D. most of us don't realize it but it's true. By kayaking you increase your exposure to the sun which also helps to improve your health and prevent multiple diseases. Also kayaking is an enjoyable way of excercising. As we all know that vitamin D is the most difficult vitamin to get let alone from food. So getting outside and hopping on a kayak will help in many unexpected ways.

3. Mental Health

Paddling on the water gives a very unique experience and calmness between our busy fast moving lives. Being out on the water releases stress and anxiety. It can also help you to clear out  your mind so that you can focus on the more important things in life. Also the calm and peaceful environment lets you take in nature's beauty. The water keeps you very relaxed and stress free. Kayaking is considered very helpful mentally and physically.

4. Heart

Besides Muscles and mind, kayaking is very beneficial in improving your heart health. Kayaking can greatly increase your heart rate. Since you are paddling all the time with your upper body the blood is pumping through all those areas while burning calories.

5. Improves balance

Keeping your balance while kayaking is very important and it needs practice. As kayaking is a low impact form of exercise that allows you to take full control of your body weight and helps you improve your balance.

6. Increases Stamina

Just like any other physical activity, the more you do it you get better at it. Kayaking is the same. Since there is no time limit for Kayaking, you can for as long as you want and every time you can take up a new challenge. As you kayak more you'll be able to tune in with how your beat behaves and depending on that you'll know how much you can paddle. It is definitely of the enjoyable ways of increasing your stamina. This means you'll never get bored with this activity and at the same time it is a great way of achieving your goals. 

7. Increased strength in upper body

The only way to move forward is to keep paddling using your arms, shoulders and back. As one arm rows in the biceps are hit, the other arm is using a forward extension thus putting torque on the paddle which creates work for the triceps. On an average you'll do 500 strokes per hour, that means 1500 reps and this will obviously have a major effect on your upper body.

8. Increases socializing

Because kayaking is super easy to learn and doesn't need an exceptional fitness level, that makes it accessible to many. If you don't have many friends or if your work takes you away from people, kayaking is a great way to make new friends. You can even join a club or take lessons.

9. Quality time with friends/family on water

With the busy schedules and fast life, we forget that spending quality time with our loved ones is so important. Instead of staying at home on screens you should go out with kids or friends and enjoy the water. It is so important to go out because kids have school and homework whereas adults are so busy working and get no peace of mind. The water calms you and releases all the tension.

Now that you are up to date about all the benefits that come with kayaking , it's time to get out there and get yourself relaxed and experience them for yourself. Good health and happy paddling.


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