In the dull life of modern times, nature provides you with essential healing and calmness. Nature unlocks the doors of freedom and beauty. Exploring the scenic beauties of nature fills one’s heart with mugs of blessings and content. To explore the beauty of nature is a heart-filling act. Kayaking is one of those priceless gifts that enable you to enrich your bond with nature. 

Amid heart-warming rivers, you visit the rainbow of life which paints your mind with absolute calmness and peace. The experience of kayaking will lay the path for you to understand the adventure and beauty of life. 

Do you want to know what kayaking is? Read our blog and know about the best season, types and equipment to use for. 


  1. What is kayaking?
  2. Types of kayaking
  3. The Best season to go for kayaking
  4. Kayaking Equipments
  5. Top destinations for kayaking

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Kayaking is a fun water sport. It involves the use of a kayak, a narrowboat with a double-blade paddle to move on water. The driver is supposed to navigate through the waterways by sitting face-forward and marching ahead with alternating side-to-side paddle strokes.

Kayaking was originally invented for hunting. It was even used to hunt fish or transport passengers across the water. But later, it was essentially used for recreation purposes or in competitive sporting events around the globe.


Different types of kayaks are provided for different types of water. Thus, there exist various types of kayaking that allows you to experience and enjoy nature in its various forms. 

1. Recreational Kayaking

It provides a more easy and serene way of exploring and navigating across the waterways. It allows the peddler to stop and appreciate the beauty of a spot.
Some of its activities include whale watching, the discovery of nature and navigational exploration.

2. Sport Kayaking 

It is mainly meant for people who have done kayaking before. It provides a completely different experience of kayaking. It involves navigating across the water in competition with other kayaks. Thus, it can even be a good way of having a low-impact or light workout. 

3. Sea kayaking

This form of kayaking is best suited to people who have in-depth knowledge of kayaking or the terrains and are equipped with a certain level of experience and logistics. In this kind of kayaking, a seaworthy vessel is provided. The vessel has a large storage area and is much adequate to sustain you on longer journeys. 

4. White-water kayaking

It involves rafting alone with one’s own skill and strength. It is only advisable for trained kayakers who are capable of handling high water currents.

5. Surf Kayaking

This is newfound kayaking. It uses the same boat as that of white-water kayaking. This pulse-racing sport is recommended only to experienced and trained paddlers. 

6. Kayak Fishing

 In this sport, you can use much more stable and larger boats. These boats are specially designed for fishing.

7. Playboating

It’s also known as freestyle kayaking or rodeo. It is a kind of white-water kayaking that involves staying at the same spot to perform flips and spins. Only professional kayakers can engage in this sport. Also, you can use any boat for this sport. Although, specialized kayaks are constructed for this sport. Different types of kayaks are provided parallel to the sport like Sit-on-top, playboat, Surf, shalom, Sit-inside, Whitewater etc. 


The most important thing to note down is the region of your kayaking trip since the weather varies according to each place. Also, kayaking is much easier and accessible in all seasons. But you must prefer warm weather for kayaking to cold weather. The seasons of spring, summer and autumn are perfect times to enjoy your kayaking trip. In sport and recreational kayaking, it allows you to explore regions or even opt for complex routes. 

The Winter season is very dangerous for kayaking trips. Not just the weather affects your physical activity but also the temperature of the water. In India, you can prefer the span of October/ November to May for the northern and eastern parts. In southern parts and Goa, a kayaking trip is suitable in all seasons.


Kayaking as a simple water sport doesn’t require basic wear or equipment. But if you increase the intensity of the sport, you require a large number of gears for safety purposes. 

1. Kayak: You require a two peddler, narrow watercraft to move on the water. 

2. Double-bladed paddle: Employing the wind-resisting oars, it helps you cut across the water. Thus, you can move swiftly and smoothly through waterways.

3. Helmet: It’s the most necessary equipment required to protect your head against any knocks on rocks or rough terrain. 

4. Life jacket: It’s a vital piece of equipment to protect you against the danger of drowning in water in case you fall. 

5. Water-resistant shirt and pants: It will ensure that you remain dry and comfortable throughout the kayaking trip.  

6. Safety Goggles: In case you are paddling into difficult waterways, you require safety goggles for splash protection. Thus, it allows you to see the potential obstructions or hazards in the way.

7. Durable shoes or footwear: An amazing pair of footwear are a must. You must also ensure your comfort and safety in those shoes. 

8. Waterproof bag: It is important to carry a waterproof bag so that you can keep all your valuable items safely and in handy. Some snacks, water bottles, medical kits, sun cream or cameras are some of the things you can keep in your waterproof bag. 


1. Iceland: The beautiful natural landscape and the amazing adventures of this place serve as the best place for planning a kayaking trip. 

2. Japan: You can visit some great recreational and sport kayaking adventures and visit a plethora of crystal clear, pure lakes.

3. Bariloche (Argentina): Its surrounding mountainside and countryside picturesque is spot on. Located in the southern hemisphere, it provides you with some of the most captivating wilderness areas.

4. Lake Gerda (Italy): Present within the Italian Alps, it is one of the largest lakes in Italy. You get a chance to enjoy the Alps' adventures and the pristine waters. 

5. Norway: It gives the enchanting sight of a spectacular northern wilderness.

These are some of the amazing places for Kayaking in India.

1. Zanskar River, Leh: You can spend a most adventurous and thrilling holiday here. 

2. The Ganges, Rishikesh: the heavy flow of water and the absolute bliss of this place is marvellous.

3. Indus River: You can look at the magnificent and soothing view of the Ladakh and Zanskar range. You can get the experience of both river rafting and kayaking here. 

4. Nagin Lake, Srinagar: You get a view of the crystal clear and serene Dal Lake. Plus, the relaxing and calm scenery of greenery is divine. 

5. Mondovi, Goa: You get a view of gorgeous beaches, amazing backwater, the stunning rivers and the magnetizing beauty of this place.

6. Chennai: You can locate some of the best Kayaking places in Chennai, like Amaravathinagar and around Amaravathi dam. It’s a hub of adventure and some of the most amazing sports. 

7. Kullu-Manali: You can witness an exhilarating range of adventurous activities and clear waters. It’s an amazing river rafting place as well.  


1. Is canoeing better than kayaking?

Canoeing is a bit harder than kayaking. You need to learn some of the paddling techniques and nuances to handle it. A canoe is much heavier and wide than kayaking. Thus, it becomes much more difficult to handle since it requires a lot of physical strength and exertion. To maintain stability and forward momentum in a canoe is a difficult task as compared to the latter. 

2. Is kayaking a good workout?

Kayaking hugely impacts your physical strength, flexibility and endurance. It gives you great torso, muscle and leg strength as well. Cardiovascular fitness is an extra advantage. Kayaking is also a calm and meditative activity that builds your mental strength. 

3. Is Kayaking bad for your lower back?

The backrest and footrest provide you with much support and a stable posture during kayaking. But it also limits your movement somewhere. The restriction of movement can sometimes give you back pain. Thus, you need to move your body every few hours to release the pressure and be comfortable and at ease. Also, following the correct and stable posture can help you avoid back pain. It’s important to keep in mind all the safety measures and necessary equipment and gear to have a fun and exciting trip. 


You can follow some of the information and measures to get a taste of an enthralling Kayaking trip. You can look out for all these kayaking destinations that can soothe your mind with peace and serenity from this article. Also, if you are unaware of kayaking completely or are ill-equipped with any specific skills necessary to it, you can visit a guide.

Kayaking is an undeniable mind-blowing experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start making plans to try and squeeze all the bliss and beauty of this adventurous experience!
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