As the new season of Golf Begins, it's time to get into a state of mind similar to the likes of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson instead of concerning yourself with what equipment you're going to use.  Prepare your bag in advance to start the season head-on!

Do you have a new bag full of storage? It's time to use it effectively! Your bag must contain essential golf items and a few accessories to be efficient and practical.

You can't play without them!

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Golf balls :

Even if you hit the fairways at each start, it is important to have several balls in your bag, in case of a bad blow. You will be able to play a provisional ball before finding yours.

Remember to mark them with a distinctive sign, such as a colored dot, for example, to be sure to differentiate your ball from those of your playing partners.

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The clubs :

The maximum number of clubs allowed in the competition is 14 clubs. If you have more at the start of your game, you will have stroke penalties.

In order not to be surprised, check that all your clubs are in your bag. 

Take only the clubs that you know how to play and especially those that you will use in part. It is not useful to carry a club that will remain in your bag throughout the game.

Wash your clubs before leaving home, this will improve the spin of your ball, especially on wedges for example.

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The tees:

Even if you hit the fairways at each start, it is important to have several balls in your bag, in case of a bad blow. You will be able to play a provisional ball before finding yours.

Take several tees in your bag. This is useful if some of them break at the start after your hit. Get some plastic tees if the start of your competition is on a carpet and not on natural grass. Also think of practice tees, to warm up before your departure.

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Golf gloves :

The gloves allow you to have an improved grip with your grip. In order to have as much comfort as possible, you can take several gloves in your bag. Two gloves are ideal: a play glove and a dry glove, if the heat ever makes you sweat your hands. You will be able to make the last 9 holes under the same conditions as the first.

If you ever play on a rainy day or when temperatures are low, opt for a pair of winter golf gloves. You will no longer have the grip effect which slides with water and especially your other hand will not be exposed to natural elements.

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Golf shoes :

For optimal grip during your swing and comfort during your walk on the fairway, don't forget your golf shoes. For the parties in the rain or on the greasy ground, choose your waterproof shoes, for the courses in the sun, take your breathable and light shoes.

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Water :

Water is a must in your golf bag. You will stay outside for about 4 to 5 hours, walking ten kilometers: your body will undergo this effort and lose water. If you do not hydrate, you will be less efficient and you will put yourself in danger. When you play in the summer, depending on the heat, take with you between 2 and 4 liters of water, which you can put in the pockets of your bag. Some bags have cooler pockets to keep the water cool throughout the game. If you play in winter, don't forget to hydrate yourself: even if you don't feel the heat like in summer, your body perspires.

So as not to miss anything on the course!

Towel :

The towel can have two roles: wipe your clubs or wipe yourself. Take two towels in your bag, one that will hang on the outside, which will clean the faces of clubs, to remove the grass and soil, and the other that you will put in a pocket, which will be used to remove your sweat. or the rain.

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Umbrella :

Whatever the weather, you're going to need an umbrella. They protect you, obviously, from the rain when you walk, and, moreover, your bag will be protected from water. The umbrella will also protect you from the sun, thanks to the anti-UV treatment. You will have shade no matter where you are on the course, under the trees or in the middle of the fairway.

Umbrellas are recommended when you have a cart, so as not to carry it during the whole game.

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Warm/rainproof clothing:

If the weather conditions are not mild or changeable, it is always interesting to have a warm garment, like a sweater, or a rain suit, like a windbreaker. Even if you don't necessarily use it, you will be happy not to be cold or to be soaked for 4 hours.

GPS / rangefinder:

If you are equipped with a rangefinder or GPS to play golf, remember to check the battery level of your equipment and update it so that it is ready to use from the 1st. However, ask the golf reception if these devices are authorized for the competition.

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Carriage :

If you have a golf cart, first make sure it is accepted on the golf course where you are going to play your competition. If you are authorized to use it, check that your cart rolls properly and that it folds well. Once on the course, it will save you energy, which will be useful for swinging!

Food :

In order not to have cravings on the course, consider taking some to eat. If you play around lunchtime, you can grab a sandwich or a quick meal that will fill you up. Take sugary snacks, such as cereal bars or dried fruits, so as not to fall into hypoglycemia and avoid the stroke of fatigue at hole number 12.

To plan everything in advance!

Your Wallet :

Your wallet is not a golf accessory but it is practical to calmly prepare for your competition. You will be able to pay the green fee for the game and the possible practice buckets at the driving range. If you feel like it, you can also use it at the 19th hole, which is often located at the golf clubhouse ...

The preparation of the course:

To be on time and relaxed before the start of your game, check your tee time on the golf site or by calling them directly on the phone. You can also plan your moves in advance, by carefully studying the green book. You will have an aerial view of the fairways and you will be able to detect obstacles that are not visible at the start.

Last tip:

Remember not to load your bag too much so as not to have to carry or push too large a mass during 5 hours of play. Take the essentials, leave the clubs that you will not play, avoid duplicates of accessories ...

That's it, your bag is ready, you're ready to roar on the greens. You have a complete bag that will accompany you from the start of hole number 1 to a hole of 18. You can obviously adapt the contents of your bag to your needs and the equipment you have. Good practice and you birdies!

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