Who has never hesitated between two clubs to make it on the green? To determine which club to choose for each shot and on each course, nothing beats a GPS watch or a golf rangefinder. Discover our tips for choosing your golf measuring range device.

Once you understand the differences between a GPS watch and a range finder, Select the features that will help you choose the best rangefinder and GPS watch for your needs.

GPS Watch Or Rangefinder?

Discover the features of a GPS watch and a rangefinder.

GPS watch
  • A GPS Watch For Extra Data: Golf GPS watches are very comprehensive. In addition to providing an accurate map of the course you are playing on, complete with water hazards, bunkers, and trees, some golf GPS watches will analyse your shots throughout the course and provide statistical tracking of your golfing progress.

    Please note that GPS watches are not as accurate as rangefinders as they do not take into account changes in the location of flags and tee-offs.

GPS watch for extra data
  • A Rangefinder For Greater Accuracy: A rangefinder is the most accurate and easiest tool to use on a course if you have your target in sight (flag, tree...). At a glance, a rangefinder will tell you the distance and slope compensation between you and your target. Be aware that certain weather conditions (rain, fog, light) can affect the rangefinder's accuracy.

2. How To Choose A Golf GPS Watch

  • Autonomy: Your watch's autonomy is its capacity to play several courses in a row without having to recharge. Handy if you are playing several 18-hole rounds over the weekend!
basic function

Basic Functions: All golf GPS watches come with basic functions: -

  • The measurement of the distance to the entrance, the middle, or the end of the green depending on the position of the flag
  • Automatic recognition of the course and hole played thanks to GPS data
  • The measure of distances covered using an odometer.

statistical monitoring
  • Statistical Monitoring: GPS watches are a convenient tool for analysing your progress and evolution, with online statistical tracking scorecard, stroke length, prior course averages, sometimes even the club you used. A little something extra some watches automatically recognise shots and help you focus on your game.

3. How to Choose A Golf Rangefinder

golf rangfinder
  • The Stabliser: Depending on the brand, there are different technologies that make it easier for you to target the flag, using a detection system. Once a target has been located, some rangefinders will allow you to lock on to it to avoid losing it as you move. Differences between rangefinders will be based on detection speed and measurement ease.

the range
  • The Range: From a tiny chip on the edge of the green to a long wood drive, the rangefinder guides you through every stroke. Capable of measuring distances from 5m to 900m, rangefinders can vary in accuracy, especially over long distances and with thin objects such as flags.

  • Magnification: The rangefinder, similar to binoculars, will allow you to accurately measure the distance between you and a given point. When aiming for a golf flag several hundred meters away, using high magnification can make your life easier.

GPS watches Rangefinders

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