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Putting Practice

The easiest part of your game to practice indoors is putting. Using a putting set or putting mat you can test yourself so that next time you're on the course you'll be sinking putts from everywhere. Check out this video of the Inesis Putting Set followed by our ideas for games below!

Practice your putting on any surface with the Inesis Putting Set

10 Putt Challenge

As the name implies you need to hole 10 consecutive putts from the same distance. We recommend no more than 5 feet away. If you miss before reaching your target start from the beginning! It's harder than it sounds, but once you've nailed this keep upping the ante. Tour golfers are known to hole 100 consecutive putts using this drill!

Gate Putting Drill

Place two impediments, such as ball markers, about 1 foot away from the ball. They need to be just wide enough so that your ball can travel between them on a perfect strike, but don't make it too easy for yourself! Try holing 3 in a row first of all and build it from there. This will help you set the ball off on the perfect line.

1-2-3 Challenge

Set 3 golf balls at a distance of roughly 3, 6 and 9 feet away from the hole. The challenge is to hole them all without missing one. Set yourself a target of consecutive putts holed just like the 10 putt challenge to build the pressure. Most putts on the course are within 10ft so this is a great confidence builder.


Inesis Putting Mat with Ball Return

Alignment Stick Channel

Think of this as an upgrade on the Gate Putting Drill... Place a couple of alignment sticks a golf balls width apart and try to get your putts to travel all the way through the channel and into the hole. Obviously you'll need a flat surface for this one, but it really tests your stroke as it clearly shows you if you're striking your putts with a square club face.

Chipping Practice

Another area of your game you can improve at home is chipping. We recommend using a practice mat and chipping net, but failing that you can use a bucket or other kind of target. Set everything up indoors if you have the space or outside in your garden.

10 Chip Challenge

Just like the 10 putt challenge outlined above, this is a great way to put your chipping game under pressure. Pick out your favourite wedge and try to hit the central target with 10 chips in a row. Use different clubs to improve your versatility when faced with different lies on the golf course.

Vary The Flight

The best short game golfers have incredible versatility, allowing them to get it close no matter the shot. For this drill try to hit the central target whilst alternating between different clubs after every chip. You'll learn how to hit soft flighted chip shots with your lob wedge and those 7 iron bump and runs for next time you're on the links!

Inesis Chipping Net - Central Target

1 Club, 3 Distances

To really master your short game you need great feel and distance control. Grab your go to wedge and try to try to hit the central target with every shot from 3 different distances. Once you've done this change the distances or increase the number of shots from each distance to put yourself under more pressure.

Driving Practice

That's right, you can practice your driving at home! Using the Inesis Practice Net (pictured below) and practice tees you can work on all your long game without going to the driving range. Easy to set up in the garden, the noise generated by the central strip on the net will let you know when you've smashed one down the middle of the fairway!

Practice Net.jpg

Inesis Practice Net - Practice your long game!

Now you've got some ideas there's nothing to stop you playing golf at home! Check out the full range of golf at home training aids below to get fully equipped.

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