1. The Essential Equipment For a Beginner Golfer

Equipment for golf

A 7-CLUB SET You can't play golf without clubs! For your first years of practice, the best recommendation we can give you from Inesis is the 7-club set. Designed to cover all distances on a course, this set is the easiest that Inesis has ever made available. With a driver, a hybrid, 6 and 8 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter, you are all set to take on the course. A TRIPOD BAG To transport your 7 clubs easily, we recommend a tripod bag that you can set down on the course. As a day of golf is an active one, you may want to choose a light, comfortable bag to carry that you may almost forget during your playing hours.

2. Golf Balls and Accessories

Inesis golf ball

TEES A very practical accessory for any golfer and even crucial for certain shots, the tee allows you to raise the ball from the ground when teeing off.

There are different tee heights available according to your needs and to the club you want to use at the start.

THE DIVOT REPAIR TOOL Behind that barbaric name is a MUST-HAVE accessory for all golfers. The divot repair tool will allow you, as its name suggests, to repair divots on a green. What is a divot? A divot is the mark left by the impact of your ball on the green. Very sensitive, the green (the area around the hole) will take several weeks to reshape itself if you don't take proper care of it. Man your divot tools!

GOLF BALLS Playing golf without a ball... Impossible! Our advice to begin golf: choose basic construction balls (2 piece). They are inexpensive and provide you with an optimal distance on your strokes, and will be ideal for your first rounds... until their tragic end in a water hazard!

3. The Golfer's Attire

Golf attire

THE GLOVE The golf glove is an essential accessory, especially for beginners. To be worn only on your non-directing hand (the left if you are right-handed and vice versa), the glove offers two benefits: adherence to the club's grip for better support and protecting your skin from chafing.

TROUSERS Like the polo shirt above, golf trousers are not regular trousers. Designed specifically for golf, their pockets are deeper and reinforced to accommodate your golf balls and accessories, and its cut will ensure you great freedom of movement during your swings.

SHOES Golf shoes are specifically designed for the mobility and environment of the course and driving range. Whether you prefer them with or without cleats, their sole will allow you to rotate without losing your balance during your swing, ensuring a smooth stroke.

THE POLO SHIRT The key to a golfer's silhouette, polo shirts are sometimes mandatory on the courses, for both men and women. What matters most is to feel at ease when swinging, so we recommend that you wear polo shirts that are designed for golf. These light and breathable polo shirts will provide you with great freedom of movement.  

You are now well equipped for your first golf season. Head to the driving range and the course to send those balls flying!


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