How to Choose Your Fitness Bra?

Choosing a fitness sports bra depends on the intensity and impact level of your fitness activities. There are three criteria to consider: bust support, perspiration wicking and comfort.

1. Bust Support

girl dancing wearing a sports bra

Depending on the intensity of your workouts, your bust is subject to differing levels of impact and will need support from a suitable sports bra.

For low-impact activities such as yoga, Pilates or gentle gymnastics, a sports bra offering light support will offer support without unnecessary compression.

For moderate-impact activities, such as choreographed classes or cross training, opt for a medium-support sports bra for optimal support and good perspiration wicking.

For high-impact activities, choose a sports bra with strong support that can reduce bust movement by up to 50% during intense activities such as step, jumping or treadmill running.

2. Perspiration Wicking

sports bra

For low-intensity activities, it's best to choose soft and stretch fabrics for comfort and freedom of movement.

For medium- to high-intensity activities, opt for technical fabrics with a muscle back for better perspiration wicking.

3. Comfort

girl sitting in cross legged posture

To stay comfortable while doing fitness activities, a comfortable sports bra is essential.

Opt for soft and stretchy fabrics that are comfortable, and look for models with a minimum of seams to prevent irritation during intense activities.

The comfort of a sports bra also depends on choosing the right size. To find the right size, measure your bust circumference using a measuring tape.

Sports bras also have various adjustments to achieve a perfect fit. For more intense activities, more numerous adjustments will help you get a better fit for your body.

Be sure to try on your sports bra before buying to make sure it's comfortable!


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