You have bought the right gym membership, purchased the right shoes, and even have all accessories in place to make your workout perfect. But, did you know that you are missing out on something? If you are an active woman, it is important to understand that sports bra is not an accessory, it is a necessity for any physical activity from your cardio exercises to Yoga sessions.

Experts believe that sports bra not only offers several health benefits but keeps breasts in shape. Sports bra are found to have reduced the pain not just while working out but in regular use as well. Let us look at 5 top reasons for you to choose sports bra over the traditional bra during the workout.

Prevent Injury

Irrespective of the breast size, the workout can cause injury to Cooper’s Ligament. These ligaments cannot repair themselves and eventually leads to breast sagging. Inadequate support to the breast during workouts can lead to premature sagging.

Reduce Discomfort

Regular bras are not equipped to offer support during intense workouts. With regular bras, even low-impact exercises such as jogging or stretching could lead to pain and discomfort. You may also experience tension in your shoulder if you use regular bras during the workout.

Avoid Nasty Stares

Well, it could be annoying and even embarrassing when people stare at your chest while you are working out. While not that it is any of our faults, but wearing a sports bra can help in preventing such stares.

Fashion Statement

Sports bras have become fashionable and no longer remain just a workout accessory. Sports bras with different styles, colors, and shapes are now available. You can choose different sports bras to make your own style statement each day in the week.

Medical Reasons

If you have undergone a medical procedure, it is recommended that you use sports bra over a regular bra for better healing. Cosmetic surgeons recommend using a sports bra after any surgery related to or around your breasts.  

There are numerous sports bras available on the market. The first type of sports bras is a compression sports bra that is best suited for small-breasted women. The encapsulated sports bras are suitable for women who do intense workouts and experience heavy breast movements.

To decide which one is suitable for your requirement, the first aspect to consider is the focus on the intensity of your workouts. Do you do cardio exercises for weight loss, or are you a yoga enthusiast? The type of activity and intensity will be a determining factor in deciding the sports bra.

You can visit our nearest stores to check out our range of sports bra. While trying out a sports bra, you should consider the following:
  • The underhand should be level and not too tight.
  • The cups should enclose the complete breast tissue.
  • The underwire should be underneath the breasts.
  • Straps should not be too tight, and you should be able to lift the shoulder upwards.

Check out our complete range of sports bras now to find the perfect one for you and start exercising right.

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