What sportswear should you wear to play racket sports, either indoors or outdoors? Should you go for a vest top or a tracksuit? Follow our guide to making the best choice when choosing your ladies' tennis wear!

Choosing your racket sports' sportswear for women has never been particularly easy, especially as the seasons pass and are never the same as the year before. Follow our guide to make the best choice when selecting your tennis wear and to adapt it in keeping with the weather, with different sportswear for hot and cold weather.

1. Outdoor Sportswear for Hot Weather

girl playing tennis

During times of hot weather and during the summer it is clear that your choice of clothing must first and foremost be based on the clothing's ability to minimise perspiration.

You should therefore opt for lightweight products that offer good freedom of movement, such as a vest top, skirt or dress.

2. Indoor Sportswear for Hot Weather

girl hitting badminton shot

Again during times of hot weather but this time indoors - focus on looking for a soft fabric. You should thus opt for a t-shirt or polo, with shorts or a skirt on your bottom half.

3. Sportswear for Cold Weather

girl playing lawn tennis

During cold weather you will of course be looking for something that will keep you warm while still offering good freedom of movement. You should therefore go for a zipped jacket and trousers. And why not try a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath? You should also look for trousers that you can take off easily once your body reaches the ideal temperature after your warm-up.


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