Ab exercisers are often easy to use, compact and offer the possibility of doing a range of exercises. But what should you wear depending on your fitness goals?

Choosing an abs exerciser depends on your goals: working your deep muscles (flat-tummy effect) or superficial muscles (washboard stomach). There are two types of exercisers that have you work statically or dynamically.

1. Dynamic

dynamic abs exercise

If you want to work your abs and create a "washboard" stomach, you'll have to work all of the superficial ab muscles. To do this, you need to work dynamically (lifting the chest) with abs exercisers like crunch trainers or ab benches that let you do various exercises. To find the right abs exerciser, consider the durability, functions and compact design of the models.

2. Static

static abs exercise

You can also slim your figure for a "flat-tummy" effect by working on your deep core muscles through static exercises. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this type of work helps improve posture and protects the lower back. Accessories such as a gym ball that improve your balance and create instability are perfect for this type of exercise. Weights benches won't let you do static strength work.

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