Available in a range of diameters, according to your height, gym balls are very efficient. Much more so than you thought. Start off by sitting on one, and you will soon discover why...

  1. Gym balls improve posture

If you have got out of the habit of sitting up straight, then gym balls are an excellent way of correcting your posture.

Sitting on a gym ball will correct and improve your posture.

The instability of the gym ball obliges you to change position frequently, so that you become aware of your posture.

At the same time, you improve your overall bodily posture and, more importantly, you protect your back against problems caused by a poor position.

improves balance
  1. Gym balls improve balance

Gym balls undeniably help to improve bodily and mental balance.

Irrespective of the exercises you do on a gym ball, you must always find your balance and maintain a good position.

By seeking and controlling your balance, you will also develop your powers of concentration.

flaten stomach
  1. Gym balls for a flat stomach

 It may come as a surprise to you, by gym balls are great for toning up the abdominals.

To stay sitting on the gym ball, not only do you contract the muscles in your lower limbs. You also use your abdominals in order to find your balance.

This is the reason why a gym ball can help to tone up your abdominal belt.

If you want to target this part of your body and have a flat stomach, then check out our video showing all the exercises you can do at home.

top up the figure
  1. Gym balls shape the legs and tone up the figure 

Sitting on a gym ball is all about controlling instability.

You will naturally contract the muscles in your knees, hips and ankles.

And without realising it, you will strengthen your deep muscles and your spine.

By getting into the habit of using your gym ball on a regular basis (15 minutes per day to begin with), you will tone up your muscles and your figure in general.

Exercising your deep muscles combats cellulite and, therefore, orange-peel skin.

good for your health
  1. Gym balls are good for your health

By making you adopt a good posture, gym balls prevent back pain, especially in the lower back. The micro-movements you make in order to maintain a good posture on the gym ball strengthen the back muscles.

These micro-movements and your non-static position on the gym ball also improve your blood circulation.

And since you are always in motion, without even realising it, you remain energetic and develop your tone.

Gym balls significantly improve your general state of health.You will feel more energetic and be in better shape.

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