First used for rehabilitation and by physiotherapists, the medicine ball has become popular in fitness exercises and sport in general. And for good reason: this ball that weighs between 1 and 10 kg is versatile and can be used for a variety of very interesting exercises.

There are various types available: with straps, handles, inflatable, granulated. There are many good reasons for using a medicine ball and it is perfect for maintaining a great figure!

The medicine ball is a complete and versatile fitness accessory. Domyos gives you 5 good reasons to use this weighted ball – various weights available. Try it out, right now, regardless of your favourite physical activity!

1. Medicine Ball: Your Weight Training Solution

First of all, the medicine ball is a relatively motivating fitness accessory in that it gives a new lease of life to your training while also developing your physical condition.

But above all, Minor precaution: we advise you to start with a weight that is suited to your level of physical activity and to increase the weight of the medicine ball in line with your progress.

2. Medicine Ball: Perfect for Your Abs

Already excellent for strengthening the legs (hamstrings and glutes), the medicine ball is just as good for the abs

You can do lunges with bust rotations (medicine ball in the hands), standing bust rotations alone or with someone else, core strength exercises etc.

3. The Medicine Ball, Ideal for Your Physical Preparation

Medicine ball

Elite athletes and sportsmen and women use medicine balls in training.

This accessory is highly appreciated for its versatility and its playful side. It can be tailored to many movements and many sports because it can be used to replicate specific movements.

In boxing for example, it is possible to use it to take punches in the stomach (contract the abs while lying on the ground; a partner drops the medicine ball on your abs; Quickly return the medicine ball in order to increase speed).

When applied to warm-ups and competitive sports training,

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