With just a mat, you may have a terrific Pilates workout. But if you want to step up your practice, a pilates ball can do the trick. Pilates is a fantastic all-body exercise that targets a variety of regions and problems. It helps you tone and stretch, improves strength, and gives you a cardiac boost. Additionally, it's quite simple to practice at home and requires very little equipment. This buying guide for pilates balls (also known as exercise balls or stability balls or fitness balls or massage balls) will help you purchase the best products that are useful for a wide range of exercises. So, keep scrolling!!


Pilates is a potent kind of exercise that helps to protect your spine by strengthening the deepest core muscles and enhancing daily function and posture. It's a low-impact exercise method that necessitates concentration on breathing patterns and activating stabiliser muscles. A little, squishy ball known as a small pilates ball is often used in Pilates-based workouts. 

Pilates can help you with your balance, and core stability, and even relieve some of the pressure on your spine. After a strenuous workout, you can use the ball to achieve deep, soothing stretches for your muscles.

Interested in purchasing the best pilates ball for your moves? Here are 6 pilates balls to help you strengthen and stabilise your entire body.

What Are Pilates Balls?

A pilate ball is a ball made of soft elastic that is filled with air. It is normally available in 5 diameters, ranging from 35 centimetres (14 inches) to 85 centimetres (34 inches). By removing a valve stem and inflating or deflating the ball, the air pressure can be altered. Physical treatment, athletic training, and exercise are where it is most frequently employed. It can be utilised for weight training as well.

Target Your Core And Beyond With pilates ball Exercises

When utilising pilates balls, the user is forced to activate their core muscles, which helps with back health and injury recovery as well as posture improvement and muscle rebalancing.

Back and spine health

Small pilates balls help to support the back when training. This enables the Pilates practitioner to perform a greater variety of exercises that would otherwise be too challenging or uncomfortable. Pilates balls help to relax the back while also providing back support. The fascia is simply unblocked by lying on the ball, which also helps to relax stiff, short muscle fibres. Physiotherapists have long utilised pilates balls as a crucial tool for injury healing.

Core stability

Your back muscles and abdominal stability muscles support the movement. Without these core stability muscles, lifting can be more prone to injury than activities like running. Your superficial muscles' movements are supported by these muscles, which operate as support muscles. The muscles that support the lower back and balance the spine and pelvis are the Multifidus, deep rotator back muscles, and quadratus lumborum.

Pilates balls are the best tool for working those difficult-to-reach muscles that are unresponsive to weightlifting, gym exercises, or other similarly superficial activities. Additionally, pilates balls add resistance to movements, many of which promote pelvic floor activation in addition to body toning.


Pilates balls can assist you in maintaining your spine's natural curvature, enabling everyone to exercise in the right posture. Not just physiotherapists and osteopaths but also Pilate's teachers have embraced this modern training approach. The days of exercising with your lower back pressed firmly on the ground to protect your spine are long gone! Pilates balls train the anterior and posterior muscles, rebalancing the body and ensuring that each side of the body is equally strong. Unbalanced muscles can lead to chronic pain and injury.

6 Of The Best pilates balls To Challenge And Improve Your Workout

Gym 450 g Weighted Ball - Grey

This 450g pilates ball is ideal for toning and refining as well as fostering general strength and coordination. It is available in a single colour. It has two air valves and an inflating straw. There are many favourable reviews for it like "it is excellent for adductor and smaller abdominal muscles to the workout regimen. decent pricing." Moreover, it is specially designed to grasp with your hand.

Pilates Gym Softball - Light Blue 220mm / Dark Blue 260mm

Team decathlon designed this ball to improve your posture and intensify your strength training exercises. This two-ball set features two colours, is composed of slip- and burst-resistant material, and has a straw for simple inflation.

Gym 900 g Weighted Ball - Blue

This 900g pilates ball comes in a single colour to make arm-strengthening exercises more effective. It aids with spine alignment, tightening, and toning. It is specially designed with an ergonomic grip to grasp your hand.

Gym Ball / Swiss Ball Size 3 - 75 cm - Turquoise

This Gym ball is designed to help you tone your body, strengthen your back and stretch out. It is comparatively thicker to keep you safe and maintain the durability of the product. Also, the shiny lines on the product are non-slippery and allow individuals to be more precise.

Gym Ball / Swiss Ball Durable Size 1 - 55 cm - Turquoise

This is another amazing gym ball that inflates and deflates quickly. This ball helps you with more than 30 exercises to allow you to make the most out of your workout. It comes with a plug which is easily removable when you want to inflate/deflate the ball; a tape measure to ensure you've inflated the ball to the correct size; and a user guide.

Gym Ball / Swiss Ball Size 2 - 65 cm - Turquoise

This budget-friendly choice comes with allows you to perform extra workouts. It is simple to inflate and deflate with the use of a tube. It is available in a single colour with shiny lines that do not slip and allows you to be more precise during workouts.


Here, we've covered a wide range of pilates ball variations. Although there are significant benefits to including each one in your training regimen, we recognise that you may not want to go out and purchase a large number of specialised Pilates equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a pilates ball? 

An anti-burst rating should be printed on the label of every exercise ball, indicating the maximum weight that it is safe to support. If you intend to use additional weight, such as dumbbells, in your routine, a higher rating will be required. 

How much weight can a pilates ball hold?

The weight capacity of most common workout balls is 250 pounds, while some may reach as high as 300 pounds. When you utilise a ball, you run the risk of it bursting while you're using it if your weight is more than the ball's weight limit.

Is sitting on a pilates ball good for your back?

Even just sitting on an exercise ball can help you stand up straighter and balance better. To stay balanced and centred on the ball, your core muscles must be continuously engaged in a subtle manner. When using an exercise ball for the first time, put your feet level on the floor and simply sit there for roughly 30 minutes.

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