1. Running in a Group: What Advantages?

Running with someone else is also the best way to ensure by setting dates to run together. If you run regularly, you will inevitably progress, and even more so with a partner who is slightly better than you to encourage you.

2. Finding a Running Partner on the Internet

It's sounds easy, but where can I find a running buddy?

There are now many applications for meeting other runners. Or suggest running outings on the application yourself and get other runners to join you.

3. Joining A Running Group

or even join running events organised by sports brands or bloggers.

Contact the Decathlon Store closest to you to find out if they have a running community. A lot of our stores have fully functional running communities that enable runners to go on runs together, organise events and workshops for runner and also helps runners meet other enthusiasts.

4. Run with your Partner

Too difficult to manage your time with family, your partner and sport?  This results in you spending quality time only on weekends? That won't be the case if you motivate your partner to join your running sessions and then motivate each other along the way. 

Run, catch up on your day and stay fit together.

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