After having tasted the joys of exercise and the great outdoors or, on the contrary, indulged in culinary delights during the holidays, now is the time to get back into sport. And if you need a little push in the right direction, we will present to you the main advantages of doing sport as part of a community. Motivation, learning a skill, new opportunities, shared experiences, team spirit: our Top 5 reasons that might just motivate you to knock on the door of a sports club.

Why a club?

Good question, why do a sport as part of a club? After all, you could always just start at home with a skipping rope and a pair of dumbbells, go for a jog at your own pace or go swimming at a time that suits you. And we are with you on that one, that's great as it is and can be very enjoyable. Also, you won't have anybody telling you to pick up the pace when the new season starts. Here we will outline the benefits of practicing sport in a community , combining good resolutions with slowly getting back into it.

Sports communities: good for motivation!

Logically, your motivation is at its peak when you embark on a new sport or a new training schedule. So why sign up for a sport that you can do on your own? Because your fair weather good resolutions made in summer might just make you shudder when it's time to continue your personal running programme in the autumn drizzle (for example). Being part of a club, even for individual sports, makes you want to invest yourself more in your sport, particularly through clearer goals or responsibilities.

And in addition to motivation, being part of a community is great for your self-confidence!

While it may seem tempting to start out away from prying eyes, doubt can quickly set in. Am I doing it right? Is my practice suited to my goals? Training in a community is also a valuable source of advice and mutual encouragement.

Give your social life a boost as well as your fitness

In addition to a huge mental boost, training as part of a club also has many benefits for your social life.

Really? Summer didn't take with it all chances of making new friends?

Of course not. Even for an individual sport, doing it as part of a club or team gives you a chance to meet new people—and in this case people with whom you have at least one thing in common.

In addition, a sports club motivates you to practise more regularly: meet-ups with other club members and team spirit are a source of motivation to be reckoned with on those evenings when you have less energy.

Learn better and faster in a club

If you want to jump in head first at the start of this new sports season, training at a club will allow you to reach new heights.

Really? Why go all the way to the club when you can train at home by following videos on the internet?

Because, by definition, online tutorials are general. Training in a club under the watchful eye of a coach lets you work and progress in a personalised way, according to your goals, your physique and your vision of the sport.

Practice in a club, in contact with professionals and trained experts, also lets you learn the right techniques and good reflexes to progress faster and with peace of mind.

Equipment, team... make your life easier at a club

We end with the obvious: whether or not you sign up for a club also depends on your goals and needs. Oh, really? It's easier to join a club than for 30 of us to train in the garden? This is an exaggeration, but the truth is that if you are interested in team sports, joining a club soon presents itself as the best solution. Of course, you could always stick to neighbourhood kickabouts or five-a-side matches. But if you want the experience of being part of a team or working on strategy, you will flourish in a club. The other plus point of being part of a club concerns your goals, including competition. If you want to measure your progress and compare yourself to your partners and opponents, the club environment will stimulate you. And finally, some sports require more equipment or coaching: it is not easy to install a full weight-training gym at home or discover scuba diving solo.

We finish with a quote from one of our teammates, Virgile “If I'd had to learn rowing without being part of a club, I would still be going round in circles”

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