A child between the age of 8-12 is a beginner and is yet to develop his skills and will take time to adapt to the various cricketing techniques. Accordingly, parents should look out for the right kind of gloves as well as leg pads for ensuring safety while playing cricket. 


Batting gloves are used to protect the fingers and the wrist while batting. A batsman wears batting gloves to get a firm grip over the cricket bat. The gloves contain protective layers that are  made for impact, to ensure the hands of the batsmen are not injured in case the ball struck either the bat handle or near the gloves directly. 

A batting glove should contain soft padding inside as well as outside the surface. Thick padding on the back of the fingers will aid in free movement of the fingers and provide flexibility and mobility to the hands. The gloves should feel comfortable, and the player should feel at ease while wearing them. A comfortable glove ensures the player is focused on the incoming delivery and is not distracted. An uncomfortable glove will distract your child from concentrating during the game.

While selecting the perfect glove for your child, first check the material of the glove. Soft and durable material  is usually used to make a glove since a cushiony feeling will provide comfort to your child.

Leg Pads  - 

Leg pads or batting pads are strapped to the exterior of the pants for protecting each of the legs from the knee to the lower boot part including the lower thigh. These protect the player from causing injury to the lower part of the legs in case the ball hits on the lower end of the legs. The surface skin on the lower legs is thin, and as a result, chances of bone dislocation or fractures are higher. 

Batting pads need to be comfortable and flexible as the player should be able to move his legs freely. A good batting pad is made of elastic material so that it moves easily as per the movement of the legs during the game. The structure of the leg pads should be such that it contains an inner layer that is soft with good quality foam, so that it absorbs the impact. 

Running is an essential part of batting. A player needs to run at a fast pace to chase runs, a lightweight leg pad will enable you to achieve it. However, a heavy batting pad will not let you run as fast and will hold you back due to its weight. The leg pad also should be airy, providing your enough ventilation with capabilities to absorb sweat. 

While choosing perfect leg pads for your child, examine the material used for its durability and comfort. 

The child should undertake a trial of the pads, an effective way to find out if the batting pad is perfect for your child is to ask him to do a squat while wearing the gear. If the movement is difficult or hard, they are not the right leg pads. Ideally, the movement needs to be comfortable after squatting. 

The size of the gloves and leg pads should be as per the individual player. While sharing can be an option, it will usually hamper your child’s performance but more importantly,  your child may not be able to comfortably participate in his cricket training routines in a bigger or smaller sized protective gear! 

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