A good cricket bat is a major investment for any child aspiring to be a cricketer. With the right bat by your child's side, they have won half the battle! A good cricket bat is one that is easy to handle, aids in a quicker pickup, and should have broader and a smoother edge since beginners would edge the ball more often. Cricket is known to be a blend of technique and power play.

A good bat helps in enhancing the performance and helping the child evolve as a cricketer. So, how do you select something so crucial for the cricket career of your child? Let us look at some of the best tips for selecting the best cricket bat for leather ball for your child.


Height is an important factor that should be considered while choosing the right cricket bat. The bat has to be selected as per the height of the player. If the bat is chosen without considering the height either it will be too big or too small and will be uncomfortable for the player to hold and swing it. The maximum height of a cricket bat is 38 inches with 4.25 inches of width. You can use the following chart below to determine the correct bat size for your child.

The Handle

While selecting a cricket bat for leather ball, inspecting the handle of the bat is equally essential because the handle is the spot where grip is maintained during batting. Since the leather ball is heavier than a tennis ball, a stronghold over the grip is vital. The handle also impacts the pickup of the ball. There are three kinds of handles- round, oval, and triangular. A round handle is an ideal one for a precise wrist movement. The handle is also critical to minimize the vibrations one experiences while hitting the ball.

Type of wood

The type of wood used in a cricket bat is of great importance. Cricket bats are made using two kinds of wood – English Willow and Kashmir Willow. Bats made out of English Willow are lighter and have a good bounce, whereas Kashmir willow bats are heavier and highly durable. For beginners, it is advisable to, begin with Kashmir willow bats as they are more dependable and sturdier.

Gradation of wood

While selecting a cricket bat for leather ball for your child, it is important to understand the various gradations involved in the quality of wood. Both English Willow and Kashmir Willow are carved out of a fibrous wood known as Willow. A narrow grain willow will provide better performance but will reduce the overall life of the bat. On the other hand, a bat with the broader grain will last longer but will take time to reach its optimum performance.

Batting Style

When choosing an ideal cricket bat for your child, observe his playing style on the field. Is he fond of hitting straight shots? Does he have a defensive game? A low kind bat that has a sweet spot on the lower side is ideal for batsmen who play a defensive game, whereas the one with the sweet spot on the higher end of the bat is ideal for players who prefer playing the ball late. If you are unsure of the batting style of your child, the best option is to opt for a bat with a sweet spot in the middle of the bat.

Apart from these factors, you should also consider the amount of money you are willing to spend. Use the above parameters along with your budget to narrow down a few options. Emphasizing the weight of the bat is also crucial. Since your child will not be able to handle a very heavy bat, opt for a light-weight bat that suffices all the above factors and falls within your budget. Since the child starting their journey in the leather ball cricket will make errors in handling the bat.  Look for a bat that comes with a scuff sheet for additional protection of the wood and a durable wood type.

We hope these tips will now help you pick out the best cricket bat for leather ball for the little ones at home.

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