Clothes are an important part of the game which is often ignored by many. However, the right clothing can have a positive influence and provide that extra edge required over the competition. The right clothing will ensure that your child is comfortable and can have flexible movement against clothes that create a deviation from the game. The right set of uniform for your child is as essential as the kit or the bat they use. It is recommended that you consider the following factors before purchasing the outfit for the kid.

The Colour

With the advent of the T20s, any color of cricket uniform can be purchased for your children. However, it is crucial to remember that most coaching institutes still prefer whites, and there is a good reason for it. Your child will be out on the field during the hot sunny days and white will ensure that the least amount of heat is absorbed. Whites ensure that your budding professional cricketer is protected from the heat due to the scorching sun.

The Material

The material of the clothes is equally important when it comes to buying a cricket uniform for your children. Comfort, support, and breathability are extremely important when it comes to the game of cricket. Try finding clothes that are lightweight and made from materials such as polyester & cotton. Mesh inner linings will help in moisture evaporation and provide additional ventilation.

Clothing Style

Should you opt for a full-sleeve or half-sleeve T-shirt? Ideally, the clothing style should be decided by the weather during which the game is being played. Short sleeves would be ideal in summer, and full-sleeves with thermal properties are perfect during winters. Since the raglan sleeve is made with a continuous piece of fabric, it provides additional space in the underarm area. This extra space makes it easier to move the arm up and down as required. Raglan sleeves T-shirts are one of the most preferred apparel in various sports due to the extra comfort it provides. 

While choosing the bottoms, you can purchase track trousers, cricket trousers, training shorts, stadium pants, etc. depending on the tournament and team preference. The bottoms should fit well and be capable of handling rigorous body movements without ripping apart. The socks used should also be made from a soft and breathable fabric which will result in good cushioning and comfort to the feet. The personal comfort of your child should be a significant deciding factor when it comes to purchasing the cricket uniform.

When your child is moving to the big boy’s league, and on the verge of playing cricket professionally, it is essential that you purchase appropriate clothing for them. Training academies require a white cricket uniform, so it is best if you can purchase the right cricket uniform keeping in mind the above factors and ensuring maximum comfort.

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