Here is some advice on choosing the right weight training clothing.

I Am Beginner Bodybuilder

  • "V" neck T-shirt
  • long shorts

Our Domyos collections use the Dry Skin technology, which is an innovative, comfortable material that absorbs perspiration and keeps moisture away from the skin. The knit fabric of these garments is flexible and soft to the touch and conforms to your movements.Result: you move about freely and stay dry while exercising.

Treat yourself to the comfort of cotton with breathability to boot!

I Train Regularly or Intensively

man doing exercise

If you are seeking performance and want to get into more high-tech clothing, we advise you to choose a compression-type outfit. Indeed, compression garments and especially socks, can help you reduce muscle fatigue. They facilitate blood flow and venous return, which improves recovery and therefore enhances muscle reconstruction. It should be noted that compression garments are particularly useful in building power. In this case, choose the following:

  • compression T-shirt
  • high-tech cotton shorts

Did You Know?

Our Domyos compression T-shirts are designed with the Equarea® technology. This material absorbs and transfers perspiration outwards. Acting like a second skin,
these clothes highlight your muscles (pecs/abs) and make training sessions very comfortable. The models are designed with fewer seams to reduce irritation and friction during bodybuilding sessions.

Openwork mesh panels have been added to give you better ventilation during exercises.

3. I Practice Circuit Training

Are you a fan of circuit training methods for shaping the perfect body?

To complete all your muscle building and cardio exercises, we recommend that you choose clothing made of lightweight and breathable synthetic fibres. In this case, choose the following:

  • breathable T-shirt
  • breathable shorts

Our range of breathable clothing designed for bodybuilding uses the Equarea® technology which absorbs and transfers perspiration outwards.

The flat seams of our models reduce irritation during exercise. Finally, their flexible fabric and slim fit conform to all your movements.

Result: train in total comfort!

As you can see, when bodybuilding, you need to choose body-hugging, high-tech clothing that does not interfere with your movements and allows you to train while remaining dry and cool. To complete your outfit, opt for a brushed cotton sweatshirt: this material has the advantage of preserving warmth before, during and after exercising.

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