Winter Travel Outfits: Stylish Ideas For Your Next Trip

Are you looking for winter travel outfits to up your style game for your next trip up the mountains? You have landed at the right place. Staying cosy and stylish at the same time is a challenging task owing to the pressure of staying trendy but also having classic pieces in your wardrobe. In this guide on choosing outfits, accessories and footwear for your winter wardrobe, we will be sharing with you our top picks for this season, keeping in mind the latest in fashion and the best materials to keep the cold at bay. Read ahead to find out more about the same and up your fashion game with these winter travel outfits.

Women's Gym Jacket Hooded - Print

The first product on our list of winter travel outfits for women is the Women's Gym Jacket Hooded - Print from Decathlon. This gym jacket gives you the utmost freedom of movement with its stretchable fabric. The breathability of the fabric, along with its quick drying features, keeps you comfortable and dry. The zipped pockets on this jacket ensure safe storage for your belongings. The fabric is lightweight and flowing for maximum comfort. The jacket is available in 2 different colour variants- print and black. This playful gym jacket is priced at just Rs. 2,499. 

Men 3-in-1 Warm & Waterproof Jacket Travel 100 0°C

A 3-in-1 jacket that is warm and waterproof is not just a fancy outfit but also a necessity if you are going to be in colder places this winter season. The Men 3-in-1 Warm & Waterproof Jacket Travel 100 degrees C is the following product on our list that should be in your shopping cart as well. The jacket is warm for temperatures down to 0 degrees and waterproof. The material is durable enough to withstand rubbing from backpacks. The jacket is lightweight, and the hood rolls into the collar. There are multiple pockets for safely keeping your belongings. This 3-in-1 jacket is adjustable for all weather conditions with its removable fleece. This jacket is available in 3 different colour options and is priced at Rs. 4,599. 

Women's Winter Waterproof Hiking Parka - SH900 -20°C

A hiking parka is an excellent addition to your winter wardrobe if you regularly go on trekking and hiking trips. Our top pick for this season's winter travel outfits for women is the Women's Winter Waterproof Hiking Parka - SH900 -20 degrees C. This parka from Decathlon provides you warmth, is waterproof, has an anti-blizzard hood and sleeves and has waist tightening to limit snow entering. The jacket and its pockets, zippers and studs are easy to use. It also offers easy opening and closing. Multiple pockets are provided for keeping your belongings and warming your hands while on treks and hikes. Available in 2 different colour options, this jacket is priced at Rs. 7,999. 

Woollen Winter Cap For Skiing Grey - Unisex

Winter is a great time to flaunt those hair and head accessories, and the following product on our list is sure to make it to your wardrobe this season. The Woollen Winter Cap For Skiing Grey- Unisex makes it to our top picks due to its beautiful design, three vibrant colour options and warmth. The cap is fully fleece-lined, which makes it perfect even for extreme cold conditions. It is easy to fold and occupies a very small space, making it easier to fit even in your pocket. This woollen winter cap is priced at Rs. 499. 

Women's Warm Water-Repellent Ventilated Hiking Trousers - SH500 MOUNTAIN VENTIL

What's better than a pair of hiking trousers that are stylish and warm? A water-repellent ventilated hiking trousers. That is what the next product on our winter travel outfits list is- the Women's Warm Water-Repellent Ventilated Hiking Trousers - SH500 Mountain Ventil. This is one of the best trousers that you can add to your winter wardrobe. It has a windproof fabric that is brushed down to give you warmth even at -10 degrees. The jacket is water-repellent and has two zipper air vents. The fabric is stretchable with preformed knees and a semi-elasticated waistband. The pants are equipped with a gaiter and fastening hook to stop snow from entering. 

Men's Warm Ski Trousers Regular 500 - Black

Balancing fashion and comfort is a top priority for most fashion enthusiasts and this Men's Warm Ski Trouser Regular 500 - Black from Decathlon will make your job easier for winter 2023. A black trouser is a classic and never goes out of style. Catering to your ski trip requirements, this ski trouser is made with waterproof material and offers warmth even in extreme temperatures. The fabric is breathable with zipper vents, and the waist size is adjustable. The outer fabric of the trousers is water-repellent to prevent waterlogging, and five different pockets, including three secure pockets, are provided for you to carry your belongings easily. What's more? This pair of ski trousers is priced at just Rs. 3,999. 

Men Hoodie Fleece Jacket SH500 Black

If your plans for this winter include hiking in the extreme cold regions, you must make sure you add a fleece jacket to your outfits for the trip. The Men Hoodie Fleece Jacket SH500 Black from Decathlon makes it to our list of winter travel outfits as one of the best options that you can choose. What makes this jacket our top choice? This zipper hoodie is more than just another black jacket that will accentuate your style. It is a warm fleece jacket designed especially to protect you from extreme cold. It has a quick-drying polyester mesh component as well for better breathability and offers comfort for free movements thanks to its flexibility. For the ease of carrying your valuable personal belongings on your hikes, two secure pockets are also provided in this jacket, which is priced at just Rs. 2,499. 

Men's Golf Sleeveless Down Jacket MW500 Navy Blue

If you're someone who enjoys a good game of golf but is avoiding going out due to the weather, a golf jacket is a great option to add to your wardrobe this winter season. Our top pick in this category is the Men's Golf Sleeveless Down Jacket MW500 Navy Blue from Decathlon. The jacket allows for utmost freedom and comfort with its sleeveless design and slim fit. It is a lightweight jacket that weighs only about 200 grams. This down jacket, when folded, occupies very little space, making it suitable even for when you are travelling. With its down and feather fill, the jacket keeps you naturally warm. This golf jacket is priced at Rs. 3,499. 

Men's Warm And Waterproof Hiking Boots - SH100 High

A good pair of boots is not just a winter fashion essential but also super important if you are taking that hiking trip. Which are the best hiking boots for men? The Men's Warm And Waterproof Hiking Boots - SH100 High from Decathlon is our top pick for this season. These black hiking boots are your perfect companion for when you next plan to explore snow-covered trails. The SNOW CONTACT technology grip and location and depth of the 4.5 mm studs give you a better grip and traction on snow. The boots are made with breathable and waterproof fabric that helps keep your feet dry. The price of this pair of warm and waterproof hiking boots is Rs. 3,499. 

Adult Ushanka Ski Hat Firstheat - Black

Enhancing your winter looks is easy with a stylish hat that also keeps you warm and cosy. The last product on our list of winter travel outfits and accessories is the Adult Ushanka Ski Hat Firstheat - Black. Keeping your head nice and warm is extremely important when on a hike or trek in the snow-cold mountains. This hat ensures shape, providing coverage to help you stay cosy with an anatomic design. An elastic at the nape of the neck keeps the hat perfectly in place, and the compact design and lightweight material ensure that the ushanka is easy to carry in your backpack. This hat is priced at Rs. 699.


What is the fashion trend for winter 2023?

The fashion trend which is going to take over winter 2023 is the oversized silhouette. This means you can prioritise comfort over anything else and go easy with your oversized PJs and jackets this season. 

What's the best outfit for winter?

The best outfit for winter is the one that will keep you cosy and also make you look super stylish. To achieve the same, you can pick jackets, hats, beanies and boots that compliment your outfit and keep your body warm. 

How to dress stylish in winter?

No matter what the season, dressing stylishly is something that a lot of people love. In the winter season, along with being stylish, you also need to keep yourself warm to avoid getting sick. For this season, you can accessorise with warm and stylish boots, hats and jackets that go well with your outfits and also keep you from getting cold. 

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