Your choice of what to wear for yoga depends on the type of yoga you practice. There are three criteria to consider: softness, freedom of movement and perspiration wicking.



For gentle yoga styles such as hatha, yin, restorative or prenatal, which tend to focus on slower postures and breathing, you'll want a greater level of comfort to get the most of out of these practices. Opt for soft clothing in cotton that is warm enough to keep you from getting chilly. You might also want to take a warm sweatshirt with you for relaxation.

freedom of movement

Freedom of movement

For gentle yoga that generally doesn't require a lot of contortion, you can choose loose-fitting clothing for complete freedom of movement to help you feel relaxed.

More dynamic styles of yoga, such as ashtanga, vinyasa or in a warm room such as Bikram / hot yoga, require considerable agility and flexibility If you practise one of these yoga styles, opt for a slim-fitting second skin-effect outfit to feel at ease, especially during inverted postures. You can also choose models that are seamless or with ultra flat seams to prevent irritation.


Perspiration Wicking

Moisture management is essential for comfort in dynamic yoga, which can easily have you work up a sweat. For this type of yoga, choose lightweight clothing in technical, breathable fabrics that wick away perspiration to keep you dry.


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