Bodybuilding - A Complimentary Sport

One of the benefits of bodybuilding is that it can be practised in addition to many other sports. Indeed, it is a discipline that fits in easily with a number of disciplines, for improving your performance in the one that concerns you.

In particular, combat and endurance sports combine well with bodybuilding. The latter has non-negligible benefits and effectively complements these disciplines.

1. Bodybuilding and Combat Sports

For a long time, it was thought that bodybuilding and combat sports were incompatible.

Some said that training with weights had a harmful effect on the speed and flexibility which are essential in combat sports. Nevertheless, many sportsmen and women now realise that bodybuilding improves their strength and strengthens the muscles used in their respective disciplines.

Combining bodybuilding and combat sports:

  • Increases power (strength and speed)
  • Provides better stability, which are essential for this type of sport
  • Prevents injuries by strengthening the muscles and joints
  • Relaxes the muscles during periods of rest
  • Increases muscle mass with non-negligible aesthetically pleasing consequences...

If you want to combine combat sports and bodybuilding, do not forget your goal which is to ensure that the bodybuilding is compatible with an improvement in your sporting abilities and to remain in permanent contact with your favourite sport.

You can alternate between strength and power training and also regularly complete training circuits that exercise your endurance by starting your session with a 10-minute run for example.

Do not carry excessively heavy loads and add variety to your training programme. In this way, at the rate of 2 or 3 sessions per week, you will avoid getting physically and psychologically saturated, develop different skills and diversify your exercise regime.

2. Bodybuilding and Endurance Sports

It makes them strong and hardy as long as they strike the right balance between the two disciplines. Indeed, rather than blending them together they should be practised separately.

Similarly, bodybuilders would be well advised to carry out regular cardio training sessions as bodybuilding by itself can reduce stamina.
Contrary to popular belief, cardio training is not harmful for muscle mass.

In general, bodybuilding improves performance in endurance sports whether you are a cyclist or a runner.

It does not result in a weight gain for running but it improves anaerobic fitness, stride efficiency and performance.
In cycling, bodybuilding makes the legs stronger, improves sprint performance and increases the maximum effort time.

It is also a great way to fight against nervous fatigue.

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