Best Gifts For Football Lovers

Exchanging gifts is a way to express your love and care for your special ones. However, deciding the best gift requires intense thought and becomes a hassle. But if your loved one is a football fan, you have landed in the right place. We have curated a list of some of the best and most premium gifts for football lovers. Whether it is your friend, sibling or kid we have come up with the best football ideas. Read through the article to find your perfect gift.

Ultimate Football Gift Ideas

From sports apparel to football goalkeeping gloves, shoes, bags, footballs and jackets, there comes a wide variety of gifts that you can give to football enthusiasts. Let's have a look at them.

Football Jersey

Football apparel is one of the best football presents. You can wear the traditional black or white football jersey or a vibrant one for your loved one. Here are some of the best football jerseys you can give.

Football jersey for kids:

If you intend to buy a sports gift for your kid, look at these cool and funky football jerseys that will make their day. 

Kids Football Jersey Shirt Viralto - Pink & Black

This neon pink and black football jersey will make your kid happy and content. It is a quality product by Kipsta, Decathlon, that comes at an affordable price. It has good customer ratings and positive reviews. You can also pair it with kid's football shorts and socks for a complete footballer's look. Your kid is going to love this jersey.

Kids Football Jersey Shirt Viralto - Blue & Turquoise

Go for an all-blue theme with this blue and turquoise football jersey for your kid. It is an ideal product for your football lover kid. Pair it with blue shorts and blue football socks to complete the look.

F100 Kids' Football Goalkeeper Shirt - Green

If your kid prefers to be a goalkeeper, look at this vibrant goalkeeper jersey with elbow and shoulder pads to let your kid dive safely without getting injured. It is a premium product by Kipsta, Decathlon. You can also pair it with black shorts and neon green socks to give an athlete look to your footballer.

Football jerseys for adults:

Explore some of the best adult football jerseys for gifting.

Men's Football Jersey F100

A premium affordable football jersey for adults for a relaxed look and comfortable wear. Its sporty look and breathable fabric make it one of the best gifts for football lovers. It comes in four vibrant colors of black, blue, white and red. It can be paired with football shorts for complete sports apparel. 

Adult Football Long-Sleeved Shirt Viralto Club

Have a look at this long-sleeved jersey for adults by Kipsta, Decathlon. If you prefer dark colours, go with navy blue, or if you like a vibrant neon sporty look, you can buy the funky green coloured shirt. It is a perfect gift for a football lover. 

Buy it for Rs 799 at Decathlon's official website.

Some other football fans gears

You can pair these jerseys with other sports apparel, such as a football training jacket, shorts or socks, for the best gifting experience.

Football Gloves

Football gloves are necessary for a goalkeeper to quickly grasp the ball without slipping. It is a perfect gift for football lovers if they prefer goalkeeping.

Kids Football Goalkeeper Gloves F100

Buy these fantastic goalkeeper gloves from Decathlon for your little football enthusiast. These gloves will add to your kid's football kit. 

Adult Football Goalkeeper Gloves Match Viralto

These premium quality goalkeeper gloves for your football fan will help them in acing their goalkeeping task for a winning match. These comprise superior-quality latex bonded to foam for a premium build quality. They enable easy handling and a firm grip on the football.


If you know someone who loves playing football, give them a football ball to enhance their training sessions. A football can also be paired with an air pump for a seamless gaming experience. Have a look at some of the best footballs available in the market.

Football Ball Match Size 5 FIFA Pro F950 - Neon

The FIFA Pro F950 football ball comes in size five and funky neon colour. It is made of premium quality material with just the perfect texture and offers excellent flight. It costs around Rs 2,499, but the quality of the football is worth every penny. If your buddy wants to consider football as a profession, this football ball will let him take his game to the next level.

Football Ball Training Size 4 (Age 8-12) First Kick

If you want to gift a football ball to a kid, then this training ball is the best gift for football lovers. This ball comes in size four and is light and bouncy. It comes at an affordable price, and your kid is definitely going to love this.

Football Shoes

Football shoes are a must for all football lovers. These shoes provide comfort and prevent unnecessary jerks and injuries to the body while playing. Let's explore some of the best football shoes which will serve as the best gifts for football lovers. 

Men's Football Shoes CLR900 FG Grass Lightweight

Your football lover will surely fall for these premium football shoes. These shoes are incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the feet. They will let you take an easy dive, flight and kick while in the game and serve as the best football present.

Football Bags

Football bags are a must for footballers to carry their essentials. A variety of bags are available in the market for football players. Let's explore some of the best football bags for your die-heart football fan.

Football Duffle Bag 35L-Black 

This duffle bag from Kipsta, Decathlon is a spacious 35 L bag that can accommodate all the essentials of the footballer, namely jersey, jacket, gloves, shoes etc. It comes in black and is a perfect gift for your football fan.

Football Backpack Bag 35L - Sky Blue

This is the best sports gift for those who prefer backpacks. It has a big room for all football fan gear and is easy to carry.

Football Trolley Bag Cabin 30L - Black Grey

If you intend to give a football present to someone who travels for football tournaments, lay your hands on this fantastic football trolley bag. It comprises different compartments for organising sports gear. It has a boot pocket for your football shoewear. Buy this classy portable bag to cheer up your football lover.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some budget-friendly football gift options?

Football socks, shin pads, training balls and football shorts are some budget-friendly football gift ideas.

  1. What are some unique football gift ideas for die-hard football fans?

A football jersey with the name and picture of their favourite team or a good football ball with a goal post can be a unique gift for die-hard football fans.

  1. How can I find the right size for a football jersey gift?

The sizes available in the football jersey are usually as per the chest size. Measure the size of the chest of a well-fitted shirt from armpit to armpit and buy the jersey indicating the relevant size.

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