The best kinds of gifts for kids are always sports. Especially now more than ever when kids are exposed to long hours of screen time with TV, video games, play-station, etc. Instead, let them experience the joy of activities with friends and family as well as the outdoors. Ensure your kids are excited by sport and all the health benefits will immediately follow.

Here are some gift ideas that will help little athletes play, swing, shoot, and more.

  1. Scooter : 

For a kid of any age, there's nothing more fun than a kick scooter. Scooters are powered first by a kick but directed using balance so it helps improve coordination with use at any age, but particularly when kids are young and learning how to balance using their weight. The B1 500 Scooter is a great model for young kids who are beginning to learn, it has flashing wheels makes it easier for the kids to take their first step on a scooter.

Note : Don't forget to pick up protectives like helmets, knee and arm pads.

Try Model : OXELO Kids' Scooter B1 500 - Blue/Red
Price : ₹ 3,499

  1. Badminton Set : 

Badminton is a really easy and accessible sport that can be picked up early and played anywhere. Badminton is a great exercise for the kids. They can run around quite a bit with full-body movement including limbs, wrists, shoulders etc. A badminton starter set can be very useful for your kid to start playing the sport with everything that they need. The set contains two rackets, two shuttle cocks and a racket bag.

Try Model : Perfly Kid's Badminton Set Starter 
Price : ₹ 699

  1. Cricket Kit : 

Your child is probably already a cricket fan. Now, how do bring about the shift from a spectator to a practitioner? Starting early always helps develop the skills for the future. A compact and easy to carry tennis ball cricket set is the perfect starter kit for a youth's cricket journey. It comes with a durable popular wooden cricket bat. 

Try Model: FLX Cricket Set Size 5 Blue 
Price : ₹ 1,499

  1. Frisbee : 

There's nothing better you can gift a child that costs within 100 bucks. The fun part about a frisbee is all the different ways and games that can be played with it like frisbee flip, frisbee tag, frisbee baseball and countless others. The plastic disc adds a twist to familiar games, develops important motor skills, and burns a lot of extra energy. 

Try Model : OLAIAN D90 wind frisbee Blue
Price : ₹ 99

  1. Basketball  Hoop : 

Gift your kids the joy of playing basketball easily at home. The wall-mounted hoop is designed for both children and adults playing basketball indoors. This Mini B basketball set is easy to hook onto a door, to fix to a door using its two hooks. It's even perfect to put in a bedroom or anywhere in the house. 

Try Model : TARMAK Mini B Deluxe Kids' / Adult Basketball Wall-Mounted Backboard Set
Price : ₹ 1,299

  1. F500 Football :

 Football remains one of the most rewarding sports a child can play. Participating in football, like any other sports provides many health benefits for your child since it's quite physically demanding. We developed the F500 hybrid ball for footballers who need a comfortable and durable ball. Our design team chose to use a foam inner cover for extra comfort during play and invisible stitching for greater durability.

Try Model : KIPSTA Football Ball F500 Size 5 - White
Price : ₹ 799

  1. Carrom board : 

Carrom is a total classic that can be played by two or more players. It's also a great family game and you can share the experience with your kids. The 520 Carrom Board is made of 5.5 mm ply, A thick border with a minimum 2.5 times striker rebound, formaldehyde-free, with coins, striker & powder, nontoxic print on the surface. 

Try Model : GEOLOGIC Carrom Board 520
Price : ₹ 2,999

  1. Kids Bike - RR 100 Junior : 

Learning to ride a bike for kids is totally worth it, for one, it's really fun and a skill, once acquired is never forgotten. It can be called a life skill. Get the perfect bike for your kid and surprise them for the upcoming holidays.

The RR 100 Junior is a simple bike for kids to get out there and have fun. The lowered frame geometry makes getting on and of the bicycle easy. Soft, sport saddle. 2 fingered braking system with powerful V- brakes.

Price : ₹ 6,499

  1. Kids Yoga Session on Allforsport : 

Why don't you do something slightly different for your kid this year? Gift them an experience that will change their lives for the better. You'll be surprised but kids need yoga as much as we do. School pressures, online lessons, video games, malls, and more, we don't think that these experiences can be stressful for our kids. Yoga can help counter these pressures. An initiation online session can help them get started. 

Try Events : Yoga for Kids, Chair and Animal Pose (29th Nov 6pm) or Yoga for Kids (7th -12th Nov, 5pm)
Price : Free

  1. Virtual Kids Football Juggling Challenge :

As part of Children's day Celebrations, we are conducting a virtual kids football juggling challenge exclusively for kids (Age 5-14 ) in association with Sporteker Indi football academy. The maximum number of juggles in two minutes is the challenge! Gift your kid the opportunity to join in on the fun and meet more kids from across the country. 

Try Event : Virtual Kids Football Juggling Challenge (14th Nov, 5pm)
Price : Free

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