Share the joy of sport with your dad! Here are some Father's Day gift ideas, sporty, and original ideas to encourage, challenge, or surprise him. Find sporty and original ideas for a tailor-made gift that we're sure will fit the bill.

Gift Ideas for Dads who don't play sport yet

Dad doesn't really play any sport? You want to make him happy while encouraging him to practice more physical activities, offer him ...

  • The benefits of sport walking, with a pair of shoes designed to exceed 8 km/h!
  • The Easybreath mask to (re)discover the wonders of snorkeling next time you're on a family vacation
  • The fun of golf, which transforms your living room into a green course. 
  • A nap at the corner of the garden in a hammock, because the recovery time is important 
  • A fun game of Badminton. That never gets old.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Lovers of Nature 

Does your dad recharge his batteries in the countryside, at the sea or in the mountains? Does he like to take a breath of fresh air while playing sports in the great outdoors? Give him ...

  •  A fishing trip. There's surely a fishing camp nearby. Make sure he has the right rod.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Going for the Adrenaline 

Your dad is a hothead, who likes to push himself and is looking for adrenaline in sport? Give him ...

  • A night run with the run-light. A new pair of running shoes always help! 
  • A triathlon performance with the dual-use bottle that combines energy and hydration
  • A new set of resistance bands for a fulfilling workout session
  • Maybe it's time to make it grand with a Kayak 

Gift Ideas for Dad - Still Indecisive?

Maybe you'll prefer to leave it up to him then. Get him the Decathlon Gift card of any value you choose and allow him to take his pick on the sport and the gear.

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