If you like playing badminton, have you ever wondered about the court dimensions and the court rules? It might seem a bit overwhelming but don’t worry. In this article you will learn about the badminton court rules, the singles and doubles court dimensions in badminton, the pole dimensions and the height of the net. Then, if you want the best racket for yourself, you can check the top 10 badminton racket list. Now, let’s get started.

What are the Badminton Court Rules?

  • Before serving, a player should wait until his opponent is ready. If the opposition makes a return, he is seen to have been ready.
  • Both players' feet must stay stationary till the serve is delivered. At this time, your feet cannot be touching the line.
  • While serving if you miss the shuttle, it is not your responsibility.
  • The racket cannot get caught and slung the shuttle.
  • A player is not permitted to keep his racket close to the net in order to deflect a downward smash by his opposition or to mess with his racket.

What are the Court dimensions in badminton?

The full badminton court size in feet would be 20 feet wide and 44 feet long.

A singles badminton court is 17 feet wide and 44 feet long.

- What are the Dimensions of the Badminton Alleys in Feet?

The badminton court dimensions are 1.5 feet wide by 44 feet long. On an entire badminton court, there are two badminton alleys, one located on the left and another on the right. Sixty-six square feet is the area of a single badminton alley, which is calculated by multiplying the alley's width by its length. 

- What is the Area of a Full Badminton Court in Square Feet?

A whole badminton court measurements in feet would be 880 square feet. This is derived by multiplying the width of the entire court (20 feet) by the length of badminton court (44 feet).

- What is the Area of a Singles Badminton Court in Square Feet?

A badminton singles court size is 748 square feet in size. This is derived by multiplying the singles court's width (17 feet) by the length of the court (44 feet).

- What are the Dimensions of a Singles Service Area?

The service area for singles is 8 feet 6 inches broad and 15 feet 6 inches long. This results in a surface area of 131.75 square feet. This is derived by multiplying its length by its width (8.5 feet) (15.5 feet).

- What are the Dimensions of a Doubles Service Area?

The service area for doubles is 10 feet wide and 13 feet long. This results in a 130 square foot space. This is derived by multiplying its length (13 feet) by its width (10 feet).

- What should be the height of the ceiling?

According to the BWF's Laws of Badminton and Regulations Handbook, the ceiling height for major championships has to be 39 feet above the court's ground. The same height requirement applies to international badminton competitions.

However, 30ft is plenty for a domestic court.

The fundamental goal of a high ceiling is to keep the shuttle from hitting the ceiling when a player plays a strong lob or clear.

How Tall are the Badminton Poles in Feet?

The poles to which the net is attached are 5 feet and 1 inch tall. They are located in the middle of the court on the doubles lines. The poles cannot be put beyond the 1.57-inch width of the doubles line.

What are the Dimensions of a Badminton Net in Feet?

A badminton net measures 20 feet wide by 2 feet and 5.9 inches. When you multiply the width by the length of the net, you get an area of 89.83 square feet.

On both ends of the net, the tape at the top is 20 feet wide and 3 inches tall.

As per Badminton World Federation (BWF) regulations, the net has to be 5 feet 1 inch tall at the poles i.e., the pole height. It can descend to 5 feet in the center of the net.

How Thick Are the Lines on a Badminton Court?

1.57 inches is the thickness of the lines on the badminton court

A list 5 of interesting facts about badminton

1. Asian dominance in the sport

Asian players have won 93 of the 103 Olympic medals since its introduction in the Olympics in 1992. China and Indonesia are the most prolific badminton countries in the world, having won 70% of all BWF competitions between them.

2. The shortest badminton match is of 6 minutes.

The shortest badminton game ever recorded occurred in 1996 at the Uber Cup in Hong Kong, lasting only six minutes!

3. A shuttle is produced from a goose's left wing.

The best shuttlecocks are produced from the feathers of a goose's left wing and weigh between 4.74 and 5.5 grammes. A shuttle is constructed using 16 feathers. A top-level match involves the use of ten shuttles, each of which is hit around 400 times.

4. Strings for badminton racquets are manufactured from cat stomach linings.

Although most players now use synthetic strings, some continue to use guts manufactured from the preserved stomach lining of animals such as cats or cows.

5. Originally, badminton was played using the players' feet.

The Chinese initially played a game called Ti Zian Ji, which was the predecessor of badminton. In this game, participants hit the shuttlecock with their feet rather than racquets! This sport is still on in China.

Top 10 best Badminton Rackets.

Given below are the top 10 badminton rackets that you can buy. 

1. Adult Badminton Racket BR 530 Set Couple Green Pink


  • This is a versatile racket set for intermediate player.
  • It is comfortable to use with easy handling during the game.
  • You get a large hitting surface because of the isometric area.
  • It has a great power to accuracy ratio because of the neutral balance. 

Price: Rs. 3,199

2. Adult Badminton Racket BR 530 Black Violet


  • Due to its lightweight it is easy to handle.
  • Large hitting surface because of isometric head.
  • Highly durable.
  • The shaft is quite flexible with even balance. 

Price: Rs. 1,599 

3. Adult Badminton Racket BR 160 Black Green


  • Perfect racket for a beginner.
  • The isometric frame of the racket makes it forgiving.
  • It is made up of steel and aluminimum making it hard.
  • High swing speed because of neutral balance.

Price: Rs. 699

4. Adult Badminton racket BR100 - Red


  • Affordable racket for a beginner player.
  • You get a great hitting power with the balanced head.
  • Easy to handle in the court.

Price: Rs. 299

5. Adult Badminton Racket BR 560 Lite Green


  • Perfect badminton for an intermediate player.
  • Highly manueverable due to its extra lightweight.
  • A great pickup feeling because of even weight distribution.

Price: Rs. 1,999

6. Kids Badminton Racket BR 100 Set Starter Blue Pink


  • Best racket for a kid beginner player.
  • Appropriate length for a kid.
  • Sturdy racket with aluminimum head and steel shaft. 
  • You get powerful shots because of the sweet spots.

Price: Rs. 699 

7. Adult Badminton Racket BR 100 Set Starter Blue Red


  • A powerful racket for a beginner player.
  • Affordable price.
  • Excellent power because of the heavy head of the racket.
  • Easy to handle while playing in the badminton court. 

Price: Rs. 799

8. Adult Badminton Racket BR 500 Black Yellow


  • Powerful shots because of its lightweight.
  • Great handling and swinging because of neutral balance.
  • It is forgiving because of its isometric head.

Price: Rs. 1,299

9. Adult Badminton Racket BR 190 Dark Violet


  • Perfect powerful racket for a beginner player.
  • You can launch the shuttle farther because of the soft shaft. 
  • It can handle more off-centre because of its uniquely designed string bed. 
  • Flexible shaft which offers powerful shot.

Price: Rs. 799

10. Adult Badminton Racket BR 190 Set Partner Blue Red


  • A powerful tolerant racket for a beginner player.
  • The slow wrist movement will help in getting powerful shot.
  • The string bed has been designed uniquely allowing sweet spot.

Price: Rs. 2,199


To conclude, this isall you need to know about badminton court and badminton rackets. By now, you must be aware of what type of rackets you would require depending on the specifications. Make sure you do your research before buying a racket for yourself. 


1. What is a Badminton Court Size in Feet 2022?

A certain amount of ground space is essential for safe play. The badminton ground size should be at least 1,620 square feet in size.

A badminton court's total length should be 13.4 metres (44 feet) by 6.3 metres wide (20 feet). The total length of the badminton court area is 14.366 metres when measured diagonally.

2. How High is a Badminton Net?

At the outside borders, the official shuttle net height is 1.55 metres (5 feet 1 inch). The middle part should be 1,524 metres (5 feet) tall. The net is supported by two upright supports positioned over the doubles sidelines.

3. What are Badminton Health and Safety Rules?

The most severe contact sport is not regarded as the popular indoor court game. However, following the health and safety guidelines in badminton will aid you in avoiding physical damage.

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