The article indicates everything you need to know about drop shot in badminton and how to play an easy drop forehand drop shot in badminton. You can also check out the various types of drop shot in badminton which is commonly used by professional badminton players.


Want to play that accurate drop shot in badminton and gain easy points while playing in a fierce match? Then you will need to learn all about drop in badminton and how to score the best of points in a badminton game. While it is hard to gain control over this shot, once you get the shot right you can easily gain an advantage in the game. It is also often observed that professional badminton players play this shot to make their opponent move forward and hit a lift so that they can attack and take over control of the rally. Here is a breakdown of how you can achieve this

What Is A Drop Shot in Badminton?

A badminton drop shot technique involves a shot where the shuttlecock is hit very softly such that it falls right in the front area of the opponent. Usually, this drop sot technique lands between the net and the short service line. However, the most ideal shot will mostly land closer to the net such that it becomes difficult for the opponent to hit the shuttlecock.

The main objective of playing this shot is that you make sure your opponent is out of position to change the pace of the rally. You can also use this shot to trick your opponent using your body language. Here you start off by pretending as if you are hitting a powerful smash but then hit it with a drop shot to give your opponent a different challenge altogether. This will result in either the opponent missing the shuttle or even sending out a weak counterattack.

How To Hit A Drop Shot In Badminton?

In order to hit a drop shot in badminton you need to follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Get into the position and adopt the forehand grip. Now your body should face sideways.
Step 2: Now raise your non-racket arm while stretching your racket arm to the back
Step 3: While you swing your bat towards the front and above, stretch your non-racket arm to the side
Step 4: Complete a full arm swing where you follow through the shuttle. Also, ensure you swing your non-racket arm soon after you hit the shuttle.
Step 5: Shuffle your racket foot forward while you swing your racket along with the shuttle. Your body will now face the front.

Types Of Drop Shots

Not all drop shots are the same. There is various net drop in badminton that you can utilize to trick your opponent. Just like all the other shots in badminton, this particular badminton drop shot technique also has various angles, power, and trajectories that it could work in. A player can also customize this badminton drop shot technique based on various criteria, Here are some of the most common types of drop shot in badminton. 

Slow Drop Shots

Slow drop shots are such a badminton drop shot technique where it is played quite gently and they land on the opponent’s frontcourt by barely passing the net in the court. Slow drop shots can be quite effective especially if the opponent is quite slow in reacting.

If you play the drop shots by hitting them very close to the net the opponent will not be able to play a full-length lift which will then help you to follow up with a full-on smash and be able to win a point. However, the issue with a slow drop shot is that the shuttle tends to slowly cross the net and then reach the opponent’s court. If you are hitting it from the frontcourt then it is a great way to give a slow net shot. In other scenarios, it is dangerous to use this shot especially when there are good opponents.

Fast Drop Shots

These fast drop shots are faster than the slow drop shots and their fast-hitting pace allows the shuttle to travel quickly toward the opponent’s court. The landing point of this fast net drop in badminton tends to be around the service line of the opponent’s court. While it is nearer to the opponent’s court it has a fast pace which leaves out no time for the opponent to react. This forehand drop shot in badminton is not that dangerous to prevent your opponent from hitting a net kill or even a spinning net shot.

Slice Drop Shots

This particular drop shot in badminton tends to be far more tricky and deceptive when compared to other forehand drop shot in badminton. The slice drop in badminton consists of you hitting the shuttlecock at a very different angle such that the shuttle changes its trajectory to an unexpected pace which will leave the opponent confused. The most common slice drop shots is the forehand net drop in badminton. There is also the straight-from-the-head position shot which is a variant of slice drop. Apart from this, there is also crosscourt slice, reverse slice, and regular slice which include forehand drop shot badminton and backhand drop shot badminton.  

How To Improve Your Drop Shots In Badminton?

If you are a complete newbie when it comes to playing badminton you might want to watch some professional tutorials to start off with. Once you get an idea of how to go about with the shot you can try and practice the shot. Just before you hit the shot you might want to imagine yourself hitting this with confidence. After many trials, you will certainly find your shot. If you are really good with drop shots you might want to add in deception to ensure that you are confusing your opponent. Act like you are going to hit a full-on smash and then go in with the slightest touch in the end moment. However, make sure you do not overuse this shit as your opponent may get used to it. Another important thing to ensure footwork is spot on while playing this shot to increase your chances of winning.


Everything you now need to know about drop shot in badminton and the various types of shots in badminton has now been covered. While it may be easy to learn theoretically how to execute it, it might actually become quite hard when you start practicing. However, you need not give up as you can eventually get it right.


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