What makes this set feels good playing 

Personally I tried it, to play rally in front of my home or street game. It's really nice. With two rackets and two shuttlecocks more than enough to make the game happy and enjoyable.

 You all have a doubt that is it really worth it to buy ?

how often we can use it ?

what is the durability ?

Let me tell you about this. Wherever we buy something it's common to check if all the products are good or not. But sometimes we don’t check how to use each and every product.

This set is something designed to explore your game not to play hard like when we play in court. It is designed with the combination of composite metals and stringing is done by hand not through a machine.

 Let’s see the technical elements of this model




  1. Aluminium frames give better repulsion, racket stiffness and ability to sustain string tension.
  2. Steel is heavier in weight, and a stiff shaft will give more power.
  3. Handle which is suitable for better hand grip.
  4. String which is done by hand with more stiff tension.
  5. T-joint which creates a strong bond between shaft and frame.
  6. Length: 665 mm
  7. Weight: 106 gm

How to use this product

Let’s use this racket to play with light weight shuttles, for example a plastic shuttlecock with foam base, so that it will not give much pressure on the string bed in order to get better durability of string.

Store any rackets below 35 degree temperature. 

 Why the racket string and frame brakes while playing?

Generally we face an issue of string damage while playing. When we keep the racket in above 35 degree temperature it affects string tension as well as the frame and the other chances are when we use heavy shuttlecocks (feather/plastic with cork base) with these types of rackets the string will break because of more pressure generated towards the string bed.

 I had used a lot of other products which I bought from outside with more price compared to this but it’s really worth it to use. I played a lot of games with my family and friends with this product. Enjoyed a lot which keeps my mind fresh and it motivates me to keep engaging with them. 

 Then what are you waiting for? explore it and have fun.





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