Sports Profile No. 1: Balance

  • Your objectives: improve your fitness, tone your body, re-energise yourself.
  • Your profile: for you, sport is primarily a matter of staying healthy.
    You understand that to stay in shape and keep your figure, you need to exercise regularly. And you started in order to improve your well-being. As someone who prefers pain-free sports, you train in moderation: a little can go a long way, performing at a high level is out of the question! What you enjoy: simply exercising at your own pace to find the right balance and feel good.
  • Fitness activities for you: exercise bike, active walking on a treadmill, Gym Ball, stretching or gentle gym exercises. Bear in mind: if you have just gone through a period of rehabilitation and are looking for a low-impact solution for the joints or an activity that strengthens the heart, it is preferable to try out the exercise bike or walk on the treadmill.

Sports Profile No. 2: Strength

  • Your objectives: feel stronger, exercise your body.
  • Your profile: your physical appearance is important for you and you need to feel good in your body.
    Without wanting to look like a bodybuilder, you would quite like to have well-toned abs and better muscle definition. You are looking for effective workouts that yield fast results.
  • Fitness activities for you: weight training lessons, bodybuilding.

Sports Profile No. 3: Energy

  • Your objectives: let off steam, lose weight.
  • Your profile: you are extremely performance driven to the point of obsession and you need to release your energy.
    You want to get back in good physical shape or you would like to lose weight. You like a job well done and have no intention of playing sports without feeling the benefits! You like to unwind and let off steam at the same time. A competitor at heart, you like to set yourself challenges and improve your performance.
  • Activities for you: cardio training.There are many activities that you can do to let off steam, work on your endurance, tone your body and lose weight: training on machines (treadmill, exercise bike or cardio fitness bike, cross-trainer), cycling or mini-trampoline (Ubound) type group lessons, circuit training sessions, choreographed lessons like step, aerodance.

Sports Profile No. 4: Well-Being

  • Your objectives: relax and unwind
  • Your profile: you are not interested in competing and primarily want to relax or gently exercise your body.
    For you, exerting yourself to the point of exhaustion or seeking to have the body of an athlete is out of the question. You want to feel good in your body and mind and need to combat stress.
  • Fitness activities for you: yoga in all its forms, Pilates, Tai Chi, Body Balance, relaxation, Qi Gong.      

Naturally, whatever your sporting profile, you will be well advised to combine different fitness activities.

For example, if you are looking to lose weight, combining a strength training course with your cardiovascular exercise sessions will help significantly in defining your muscles.

Also bear in mind that yoga has benefits that complement all sports and will help you improve your performance (concentration, flexibility, endurance and strength).


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