1. To find oneself around family is truly nice. But sometimes, admit that it stretches a little too much. And when an umpteenth time, you enjoy the dessert at 6 pm which is almost cocktail time and you do not know how to sit on your chair to avoid cramps, you think that a change usually would be welcome. Rather than spending a great part of the day at the table, why not move around a little bit?
  2. Attention, you are warned, to propose a formula other than the traditional Sunday lunch can cause a fervent rise of shields. You'll have to convince grandma that her chicken dish is still to your liking and to your uncle that of course, you will still be able to discuss his passion for numismatics. Well, once everyone is ready to hear you, go on the attack!
  3. To keep the tradition of the meal, why not offer a picnic, if the weather lends itself? At the park, at the beach, in the countryside, choose a space that offers many possibilities to move on to phase B of your plan: practicing physical activity. Well, of course, the goal is for everyone to benefit. So rugby for auntie, who suffers from a hip problem, it may not be the perfect discipline for your family to be unscathed. Obviously, if you have an outdoor area, barbecue can be a good alternative to invite your loved ones to gain a potential field of activity.
  4. So that everyone can practice, why not a game of skill? Badminton, cricket, beach volleyball, kite flying etc. This kind of games can suit a large number of people and offers a real pleasure of practice. Physical effort is limited and regardless of the age of the participants, they will all benefit. Obviously, if everyone is fit and motivated to change the setting, why not a team sport or a ball to the prisoner? Compose your teams, mix ages and abilities to balance everything.

If it seems difficult to play parents, aunts and cousins, why not advocate for a little trip between salad and dessert (which suddenly, turns into a snack)? Introduce your loved ones to the sporting walk, to start, then to Nordic walking, to finally visit this tourist site located not far away. An initiative that could finally become a habit ... And that does not stop talking!

I presume you've understood that there are many possibilities to Bousculate a little habit and pep up your family meetings! and You have already changed the Program. We wait for testimonials.

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