How to Choose a Sports Bra?

Because it can be given a hard time when exercising, the bust needs to be protected with an appropriate sports bra. So how do you choose the right one?

Choosing a sports bra is done based on the intensity and impact level of your exercise routine. Here are 3 criteria for making the right choice: support for the bust, perspiration wicking and comfort.

1. Bust Support

girl dancing wearing a sports bra

Depending on the intensity of your sport, your bust suffers greater or lesser impacts which it must be protected from with a suitable bra.

For low-impact fitness activities like yoga, Pilates or soft gym, a light-support bra helps keep your bust in place without compressing it unnecessarily.

For moderate-impact fitness work, such as choreographed classes or cross-training, opt for a medium-support bra that combines optimal support and good perspiration wicking for this type of activity.

Finally, for high-impact exercise, choose a bra with greater support that reduces the movement of the bust during very intensive activities such as step, jump or treadmill.

2. Perspiration Wicking

sports bra

For low-intensity exercise, it’s better to go for soft, elastic fabrics which offer comfort and freedom of movement.

For medium to high-intensity exercises, choose a hi-tech fabric bra with ventilated racer back to help wick away perspiration. 

3. Comfort

girl sitting in padmasana

To exercise in the best conditions, having a comfortable bra is essential. Go for soft and supple materials which make you feel comfortable, even models with a minimum of seams to avoid the feeling of irritation if your workout is very intense.

For a comfortable bra, it’s especially important to choose the right size. To find your right size of sports bra, measure your chest with a tape measure.

The adjustments are important too. For the most intense workouts, more adjustments will allow better adaptability to your body shape.

Feel free to try on a bra before buying it to make sure it’s comfortable!


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