Gentle gymnastics may be popular with older people, but it's also something that anyone can do, no matter their age, as an excellent way of keeping fit. It helps with your general physical well-being and prevents certain age-related illnesses. It can be done by anyone of any age and, as the name suggests, is a gentle way of using your different muscle groups. There are absolutely no limits as to who can do it! And what's more, it's great for your mental health. Let's take a look at this fantastic activity!

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1. What is Gentle Gymnastics

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Given how many different kinds of gentle gymnastics there are, it'd be hard not to find something you enjoy! Gentle gymnastics works the different parts of the body and, while it uses the muscles, it doesn't work them too intensely. It's a discipline that doesn't impose restrictions or force certain actions. Instead, it invites people to take their time as they perform movements on the floor, standing or seated. The poses are varied but are all accessible. By repeating these gentle movements, stretches and self-massage, and by doing them in a relaxed manner, gentle gymnastics helps people regain a sense of their different muscle groups so that they can better feel and control them. In short, it does you good, but gently! By performing slow movements, it also helps people feel calm and focused. It's great for switching off, meditating, and finding a zen mindset!

2. What are the Rules of Gentle Gymnastics?

A sense of well-being for both mind and body! General gymnastics is all about doing your body good by relieving tension and toning your muscles.

Session after session, general gymnastics helps you enrich your health to keep you fitter for longer. You'll need accessories such as a gym ball, hoop and mat at the ready to perform the various actions. Gentle gymnastics is generally done as a group class, which often gives people better motivation and the chance for a bit of socialising. But once you've mastered enough of the different moves, you can also do this discipline at home at any time of day. It's great for getting you up on the right side of the bed in the morning, giving you a calming break whenever you want during the day, or rounding the day off with a bit of me-time before bed.

3. What are the Benefits of Gentle Gymnastics?

Ils sont multiples !

There are loads! Gentle gymnastics strengthens your core muscles, particularly those in your lower back, as well as your abs, glutes and thighs. It improves your posture as well as your flexibility.

If you sense that you have any muscle tension, gentle gymnastics will help you relax the area in question. The movements you do will make your bones denser - one way of preventing diseases such as osteoporosis - and will work your joints. It also helps with good blood flow and gives you a bit of a cardio workout to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Plus, it has the advantage of reducing stress and anxiety, and improving your sleep quality. Basically, gentle gymnastics is bursting with mental and physical benefits!

4. Is Gentle gymnastics for You?

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The answer is yes, with no exceptions! Pregnant women, athletes recovering from injuries, sportspeople in general, older people and disabled people can all do gentle gymnastics, no matter their physical fitness or age. Whether you do it as a main hobby to take care of yourself, or as an addition to another sport to benefit from its advantages and help you relax, it'll only bring benefits and there's no one who can't do it. So there you go!

5. The Equipment You Need for Gentle Gymnastics

If you want to feel at ease doing this discipline, it's best to wear relatively loose-fitting, comfy clothes. A cotton tank top or T-shirt and leggings is just the ticket. You'll also need breathable socks and fairly light trainers that are comfy and fit well. And that's it! 

Now you know the basics of this discipline and the numerous benefits it brings. Set up your mat in the corner of your living room or at your gym, and let's get going!

And you? What are your thoughts on gentle gymnastics? What benefits have you noticed? We can't wait to hear from you!

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