Roller sports are a fun way to give your body the exercise it needs and also feel exhilarated as you zoom past in your roller skates. But like any other sport, roller sports can also cause injuries, minor or otherwise, if one doesn’t take the right precautions.In this article, we will talk about how you can avoid injuries, and if in case if you do, how you can minimize the damage by falling safely.

Who can get injured?

Roller sports is usually an activity taken up by children within the age group of 5-14. Due to their lack of ability to maintain balance and coordination, they can succumb to an injury.Adults who take up roller skating for the fun of it need to be extra careful as well as recovery time if met with an injury, can increase and be even the graver.

What kind of Common Injuries can I have if I don’t wear Protective Gear?

Any sport comes with the risk of injury. When you are roller skating or skateboarding, you might be aware of some ways to land safely, but even the safest falls might injure your wrists and legs that could lead to a wrist fracture or sprains. Concussions can also occur if you fall on your head. When you glide past and break your fall due to unforeseeable circumstances along the path, you might end up protecting yourself however you can; and as you do so, there is a risk of having scrapes and bruises, rashes.

 How to Fall Safely

Protective gear does not give you the superpower of landing safely in case of a fall. For a glimpse into the reality, if dealt with an injury, you are looking at broken bones, and head injuries. The plus point is that while you wear protective gear, you will have minor injuries at best. But you must learn how to fall as well. Yes, it sounds weird, but learning how to fall can help minimize injuries.

When you fall, you should ensure you are not letting your arms flail around. You should bring yourself to a position where you surrender to a fall. The easiest way to give into a fall is to squat down if you feel like you are losing your balance. It allows you to find your balance again, and as you are closer to the ground, it also ensures minimum impact from falling. If squatting does not work, you can also try sitting down with your hands on both sides while your fingers are in a fist. If you have complete control of your body, you can sustain many injuries.

Once you have taken the fall, your first instinct would be to get back up. You should ensure that you do not stand immediately. Bring yourself in a position where you can kneel and try to bring yourself up as you do when you tie a shoelace. Use your arms to lift yourself off the ground and then get back into a standing position. This way, you can ensure you are not adding more pain and discomfort to your body.  

In case if you are in a lot of pain, make sure you slide to a position where it is safe to sit down with your feet stretched out front so that you can take off your roller skates and assess your injuries.

Tips to prevent injuries:

Needless to say, the best way to prevent any injury while playing a sport is by wearing protective gear.  
  • Wear a standard issued protective helmet. Helmets help keep your head safe. The skin surrounding your head is highly sensitive. A headgear prevents any damage that can be caused while breaking a fall or sustaining an injury.

  • Wear a wrist guard. Wrist guards enable you to avoid any wrist-related injury and prevent broken bones.

  • Wear a mouthguard. In case if you do not break a fall as easily and fall on your face, your mouth can take a hit as well. For it to sustain such an injury, a mouth guard helps in protecting your face.

  • Skate on smooth surfaces only. Avoid rough terrains.

  • Stay off busy streets. Vehicles can cause a distraction; it is better to skate in places that have minimal to no vehicular traffic.

  • Avoid skating during night time. Due to visibility issues, it is always wise to avoid skating after sunset.

  • Obey traffic rules. Even though you are technically on wheels, you are still a pedestrian. You should avoid being an obstruction to passersby.

  •  Be aware of your surroundings.

You should be in an environment where there is immediate first aid help in case of a fall. Keep your loved ones informed about where you will be going; be it on a skate board or your roller skates. It is necessary to wear a mask as well in the current situation. You may feel like you needn’t do so, but maintain a 6 feet distance between you and pedestrians as you zoom past them. Be safe and happy skating!

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