10 exercises to reduce double chin

Chin up... and the other on too please! Hope you know what it means. Yes, nothing rather than your turtle neck, the double chin. The extra mass of weight that your chin gives you, burdening your health, figure and conscious mind is at times the worst for certain people. Sagging jowls and loopy tissues has created an aura of embarrassment for certain people in this fashioned world.  With age the state is worsened, what happens is it reduces the level of self-confidence and develops a kind of insecurity deep within you. It’s a haunting thought that how a mere growth of an extra mass effects your health and mental psyche to such an extent, as we live in a healthy and fashioned world. So here are some healthy advices to get rid of double chin, with few painless and active double chin exercises.

What Causes Double Chin?

Before treating the illness one must be aware of its causes. Though not an illness, it is as important as that to be aware of the causes of your double chin. We all are born with one and how we double it is a valid question to be solved.

  • Family Treasures

Not a treasure but of course a pressure for most. The double fold between your jaw and the neck might be the inherited tendency from your parents or grandparents. The tissues, overtime weakens and the supportive muscles of neck, alone with age, loots out your skins elasticity, leaving your posture a rubble. The inherited genetic pattern of genes adds oil to the fire and heats up the situation to worse.

  • Poor Diet, Rich Chins

Poor diet and weight gain is another far fetching reason for your double chin. Only your chin doubles, not your muscles or health that’s ironic. The unhealthy lifestyle and undernourishment lowers your metabolism; this swallows the muscles from your chin. When you lose the base, the chin starts weakening and the entire building cramps down. That is your skin around it sags down, drooping your jaws and doubling the fat under it. Thus poor diet is for sure has an indirect connection with your unhealthy muscles and double chin. Continues double chin exercises and proper intake of nourished food can find a cure for your trouble.

  • The Annoying Thyroid Glands

The thyroid glands are always a pain for you, being the black hands behind number of your health issues. Thyroid develops skin abnormalities and effects the tissues with strengthen and support your tissues. At times the thyroid glands are worse than a naughty kid, it works poorly and the poor working of your glands results in double chin

  • Sinus the Reason for your Wryness

You alone might not be the sole felon of your health issues like double chin. If you have a clinching sinus infection it causes your lymph nodes to swell with inflammation, ditching you with puffy faces and sagging necks. The reasons might be inherent or because of few chronic disorders or diseases, but how to get rid of double chin is a perennial question to be answered. To ease out your pressure here are 10 most effective double chin exercises to unchain you from its grip.

10 Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin

  1. Slay it by pouting

A pout pose is now your favourite selfie pose. Now turn it your healthy exercise to get rid of your double chin. It’s simple, you just have to add the perfection by following these steps

  • Pout out your lips, keeping your head straight.
  • Hold it for a minimum of 3 seconds
  • Tilt your head towards your chin
  • Keep your lower lip out
  • Repeat it 10 times
  • This slaying exercise strengthens your jaw muscles and torn up your neckline and jawline.

  1. Whistle at the sky

This might sounds a little crazy, but works hazy. What you have to do is just straighten your head up and whistle at the ceiling or sky. The whistling pose tightens your lips enclosed, add fun to your exercise by whistling out your favourite song or music. This fun and easy exercise strengthens the muscles of your chin and reduces the growth of the double chin. Repeat it at least 10 times a day for better results.

  1. Chew it like a pro!

Chewing gums is always a common recommended facial exercise to torn up your facial muscles. Not only for facial muscles, these are the best for reducing your double chins too. It might sound easy, but continues chewing can cause you bearable pain on your cheeks. But to shed those unwanted pounds from your chin, a little pain and hard work is not too much to ask for. The added benefit of this exercise is that, chewing gums, reduces your urge to have junk foods or eat a lot, thereby maintaining your healthy det. This in turn reduces the weight gain and cuts out the growth of your double chin

  1. X-O out loud

An easy breezy exercise which creates the fun aura, when done right with your crazy gang. You just have to say out X-O out load repeatedly. While doing, make sure that the muscles of your jaws, cheek and neck moves rigorously. Because only this rigorous movement can burn out the massive fat. You have to repeat it at least for 12 times as three sets for the best result.

  1. Stretch your neck sideways

Stretching your neck sideways is a healthy yoga asana to reduce your double chin. Make it happen in 3 easy steps.

  • Sit up straight with your back straight and head stern
  • Stretch your neck as far as you can to right. (know your limits and avoid neck cramps by stretching it too much. It is not about how far you stretch but how perfectly you do)
  • Now stretch it to your left. Repeat it sideways at least for 10 times per day. Make sure you are doing it right to avoid cramps. These might take few months to show up the results, keep on practicing it.
  1. The naughty kid again
girl doing stretching

Remember mocking at others or your friends while you were a kid, stretching your tongues out and making that annoying crazy noise. Refresh your memory and go back to be a naughty kid as you were. A return that each of us thirsts for, at least refresh your memories with this healthy exercise. You have to forget about the noise.

  • Stick out your tongue as much as you can
  • Now switch it from one side to the other
  • Feel the grip on your neck muscles. Repeat it continuously for 12 or 15 seconds, take rest, and repeat. This exercise reshapes your jawlines and tightens your loose tissues.

  1. Stress your tongue

Enough of giving stress to your mind and brain. Now try and give more stress to your tongue. Because the later will do you no good, but this might gift you the perfect face and chin you always dreamed for.

  • Sit straight in a place calmly.
  • Tilt your head back, as if you are kissing the sky or ceiling, stretching your neck wide.
  • Now press your tongue firmly on the roof of your mouth, giving intense pain to your neck muscles.
  • Try and pull your chin towards the neck. It’s a hard nut to crack but effective when done right.

  1. Say OO-EE

Sounds a bit funny right. But saying out OO-EE just like how you used to call out someone in your colloquial slang burns up a large amount of your chin muscles. You just have to repeat saying OO-EE exaggerating your facial movement. This exercise also targets your muscles between upper lip and nose, rewarding you the perfect posture.

  1. Smile O-O-O-

Reduce your stubborn double chin by smiling through, but with a tinge of pain and stress.

  • Cover the teeth with your lips and make the O shape with your mouth
  • Never allow your teeth to peek out, and smile wide covering it.
  • Repeat this exercise for 6 times.
  • Now place the index finger on the chin.
  • Repeat the latter exercise with same posture keeping your fingers steady for the 7th time
  • Now tilt your head and try to move your jaw keeping up the posture. That’s a bit much, when you realize smiling is no more an easy prick. But this exercise shapes up your cheek and jawline giving you the perfect structure with time.
  1. The lip pull

In this Yoga asana you have to feel the pull to know that you are doing it right.

  • First sit straight in the lotus position with your neck straight.
  • Push out your lower jawline, the lower lip hanging out.
  • Feel the hard full in your jaw line and chin muscles
  • Stay in the posture for 2-3 seconds and repeat it for 10 minutes per day. These are some of the super effective tips to get rid of the hanging bunch below your chin. You might not feel the result immediately like Lipolysis or Mesotherapy, because these are natural and healthy exercises. Make it a habit for a better and healthy result.

Prevention methods are cardinal for your health. as now you know how to get rid of double chin, it is important to know the methods to prevent it too for future.

Some of the effective tips are:

  • Ensure a proper and healthy diet with nutritious intake.
  • Make the exercises a habit and stick on to it
  • Keep a track on your weight and if need limit your calorie intake.

Remind yourself that you are always beautiful, double chins can never dim out your inner glow. Never make it your Achilles heel and feel yourself inferior. Rather build up your confidence, accept the unsightly reality and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Too much chubbiness can turn you down too. Follow the exercise and maintain your natural structure in a healthy way.

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