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Decathlon Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program supports a community of driven sports personalities and inspirational people who share their knowledge and experiences for the betterment of sports community.


Want to become a Decathlon Ambassador?

Do you believe that sports has the power to change lives? Are you so passionate about your sport that you'd want to tell others to try? If yes then join us in our mission to encourage conversation about sports we love.

We would like to partner with you. We would like to have you rather than only a partner, also as an extension of our team. We believe in building long-lasting relationships that would benefit our mutual sports users through creating intuitive, sharable and unique content and experiences that will enrich and inspire.

We hope you’ll want to contribute because you believe in Decathlon's mission and want to add your voice to ours. Credit of authorship will be given.

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From the ambassadors
The 5 Basics of Open Water Safety

Despite the benefits open water swimming can provide, taking some precautions is good before taking a first dip. Read to know more on open water safety.

May 20, 2019
min read
The Balance Bike - For Children Learning to Cycle

The balance bike is an excellent way to make children learn cycling without losing balance and falling down. Here are a few tips on why parents are more inclined in choosing this model for their kids on how to cycle.

May 20, 2019
min read
Co-Creation - The Making of Decathlon Backpacks

Your backpack ultimately is the only thing that tags along in every adventure like a silent friend that has your back always (Literally! :D).

Akshat Jain
May 20, 2019
min read
How to Choose Your Fishing Keepnet?

There are various types of keepnets for different fishing techniques. Check out our advice on choosing the best one for you.

May 20, 2019
min read
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