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Ahana Chakraborty

Zumba Instructor
Zumba, Pilates

- Licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN) - Strong by Zumba Instructor(SYNC) - Aqua Zumba Instructor - Pilates Instructor"


Ahana is a 24-year-old Zumba Instructor from Kolkata, West Bengal. She is also an instructor at "Strong by Zumba" and a Zin member (Zumba Instructor Network) since May 2017. If there's one thing that keeps her going is her absolute love for the sport and teaching it.

Written by Author
Changing Lives One Beat at a Time - Ahana Chakraborty

Zumba is a way of life and once people adapt to the sport, they continue practicing even if they've achieved their goals or targets.

Ahana Chakraborty
May 20, 2019
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