Prateek Gondane 

Prateek Gondane 

Product Trainer for Oxelo India.

I've always been fond of adventure. Curious about trying new things just how all kids usually are. One day, while I was helping in cleaning my neighbour's house, we found an old pair of Skates. And that's where it began, my introduction to roller sports. 

I fell a hundred times yet spent all of my days on the skates. Within 3 days I was confident to take it to the street.

I never really left my skates after this. I was always on it and this helped me get better with the skill. I was trying out a number of tricks. My siblings and friends also got attracted to try it out and that was probably a trigger for all of them to get a new pair of skates. ( I am not sure how happy their parents were about this)

Coming back to the present, from there to now

I've tried different kinds of roller skates and cruiser boards and ridden these for 100's of miles. I've never had the chance to participate in professional skating or competitions because at that point the sport was costly and unaffordable. 

From watching Cartoons and TV, I learnt about Skateboarding.

It appealed to me instantly how nicely people play with their boards with wheels. When I tried the Skateboard for the very first time, I thought it would be easy because I was already good at balancing on roller skates but it really was something else, not really a piece of cake. 

I saved money and bought a Skateboard from a local sports shop and started practising. After days of practising very hard and reading articles online, I realised that my board didn't even meet proper skateboard standards. I knew I had to get another one this time I came across Oxelo and few other good brands. 

After a few months, a friend recommended me to join Decathlon for Oxelo.

And that's how my passion helped me to get a job instead of my First Division Engineering Degree. After joining Decathlon, I began exploring other roller sports as well. Longboarding, Waveboarding, Freestyle Scooter and Street Skates. 

I've always dreamed about an environment like this for myself and to be like this, learning a new trick, creating my own skating style, and exploring the whole world on these very different magical and adventurous set of wheels. 


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