It's interesting to trace how Skateboarding has slowly evolved and developed as a Sport in India. In the West, it has picked up as an alternative cultural icon over the years.

Waveboarding, however, is a newer concept with unusual looking boards that run on two wheels. It's not limited to any particular age group. How it's different from Skateboarding is that you can take it wherever you want without having to put a foot on the floor.

We were able to talk to 3 waveboarders of different ages, belonging to different parts of the country to get a holistic picture of how the sport has developed here and we're not just talking about the metro cities.



3 years ago, I saw the Waveboard for the very first time in Decathlon Aurangabad. Everybody was riding it in the store when I got massively attracted and interested. I tried to ride it a few times that very day but I wasn't able to find the right balance.

After that, I would come to the store every day to practice. I did this for a while till I got the hang of it. Once I'd learnt, I finally bought it.

A waveboard is actually very easy to ride and you can ride it anywhere unlike the skateboard which requires different types for outdoors and indoors. Many things can be done with it, taking sharp turns, different tricks etc.

My best memory with Waveboarding was in the Decathlon Store. Prateek, then from the Aurangabad store had built a skateboarding ramp with a cardboard sort of a material. We had an amazing time riding on that. It attracted a lot of people who came and joined us.

What was interesting is that after my friends and I got it and rode around town, the sport started becoming popular in Aurangabad. A lot of kids got it and started practising waveboarding.



It was just last month when I noticed this slightly different looking board in the Oxelo layout of the Decathlon Store. I stared in amusement to see all the kids Waveboarding like pros.

I have always been fascinated by the skating section, the different types of boards with interesting patterns and skate art on them. I finally got my hands on the Waveboard. My friends and I tried it out and fell a couple of times. Since it was nearing closing time for the store, we decided to get it.

My best memory of waveboarding is still my first day irrespective of the fact that I fell four times in front of girls while we were practising in our college campus.

We never stopped trying that day. By the end of 4 hours, we finally got how to do it. The feeling was amazing. We went riding on long stretches by the river, 3 am at night. We were waveboarding for hours. Yes, that was definitely the best feeling.



I came to know about Waveboarding from a friend who recently bought the board. It did generate a good amount of interest and curiosity within me.

I soon realised that it's fantastic for small spaces where you can take some extreme turns. I get the feeling of gliding while being able to control it with my feet.

The best memory in my waveboarding journey is undoubtedly the day I bought it from the Decathlon store.Post that, I literally spent 5 hours each day learning for 2 weeks.

I use my waveboard for commuting since I use it both indoors and outdoors. It's an interesting way to explore my surroundings and find nice spots to share with my friends.

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