Here’s my honest review on Men’s 300 Beige boots which I have been using for over 3 months now. I have used them during the pre-lockdown period for 2 different wildlife trips that I made to Pench and Ranthambore Tiger Reserves.

During my last trip to one of central India’s popular tiger reserves running full-day expeditions and photo tours In peak summers I needed boots that would be comfortable, lightweight and the ones I can wear all day long in the dry summer heat. Hence this review is based on me trying and testing these boots under extreme dry and hot conditions in peak summers for full day treks and bushwalks.

Let’s start with how they look and feel. Your first impression when you look at them is heavy and sturdy but don’t be fooled by the looks of it. They are feather-light and super comfortable to be worn all day long during your outdoor adventures be it hiking, trekking, camping and bushwalking.


#1 Super Lightweight & Flexible

Super light considering the nature and purpose of these boots weighing in at just about 1.10kg, making them feather-light and great for all-day use for any terrain. Shoes look bulky but when you wear them once they are just perfect. I did initially think that they would be heavy and was not sure if I could carry them and wear them for long hours. But to my surprise they were amazing. I haven’t had any adventure boots that were so light, flexible and comfortable...

#2 Good Breathability

Amazing Option For Dry & Hot conditions with great inbuilt perforation. Plus the material used is just about perfect for extreme and dusty conditions. So good that these boots can be worn all day long, out and about without being uncomfortable or having sweaty feet. Perfectly suited for all-day treks and bush walks.

#3 Exceptional Cushioning & Ankle Support

The midsole cushioning and ankle support on the men’s 300 boots is exceptional!! The cushioning is of superior quality and designed in a way to keep your feet from being fatigued even after a full day of trekking or bushwalking on harsh terrains. Also, the ankle support is great on these boots, it also has the extra loop for the laces to secure your ankle before tying the knot which makes it just perfect for any conditions. Not too many boots offer this kind of ankle support and level of cushioning. Pretty Impressive!!

#4 Good Traction

Very comfortable with plenty of grips. The sole is perfectly designed for all types of terrain. Giving you that extra confidence to throw yourself around and going that extra mile. Felt very comfortable and safe wearing them on prolonged bush walks and full-day treks. Not just under dry conditions but even on slippery rocks and murky conditions the boots did a pretty good job.

#5 Very Quiet Boots

Ideal for stalking, and getting close to wildlife and birds without getting noticed. And having personally tried this I can vouch for it.. these shoes did allow me to get closer to wildlife for those perfect close-up shots. If you’re a wildlife or nature photographer or even just an enthusiast, trust me you need to have these boots in your rack...

#6 Great Price

Very well priced just at Rs.3,999/- on specials. Great value for money.


#1 Difference in sizes

Make sure to know your size or go and try it before you buy. If an online purchase is the only option you currently have then I would recommend going for one size smaller than usual. As they are a half size bigger than usual, due to the European standards, hence make sure to get the right one that fits you well as it’s the most important thing to look for in your boots!!

# 2 No Colour Options

Not a big issue but could get away with a few more colour options. Just one colour option available for now which is the Beige, it’s very good but a few more colour option in this to match different terrains and conditions would be a delight.


Get ready to go the distance and explore the wild with these lightweights, flexible & breathable boots ensuring amazing performance with superior cushioning, great traction and an all-day comfort fit. Definitely, among the most comfortable shoes, I have ever owned. Excellent for prolonged wear, full-day treks and bush walks. 

A recommended buy!!

You can buy these Boots here by simply clicking on this link:
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