Watching wildlife & nature through Binoculars is a rewarding experience. Fascinating views, flora, and fauna from distance, binoculars perceive those scenes better than the normal sight can do. That's why it is important to ensure optic reliability, knowing its parts and essential adjustment would make the instrument function clearly.

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I recently had a chance to try, use and put the Solognac’s Serie 100 binoculars to the test out in the wild.

I tested them out on two of my back to back trips to Tadoba tiger reserve and Pench national park this winter, and trust me these pair of binoculars are just great for the price they are being offered at the moment!!

I also had a chance to test these binoculars on field at one of my photography and birdwatching workshops before the lockdown and all my students who were mostly amateurs and new to using such high end binoculars loved it and handled it really well, with a lot of ease and comfort.

Serie 100 is well designed, easy to use, durable and a very high quality binoculars at a very reasonable and highly affordable price available in the market today! 

What makes the Solognac’s Serie 100 binoculars great? 

For starters, it’s Brightness. A lot of birding and using binoculars in general involves looking out or up at something much brighter, like the sky, or darker, such as into a dense thicket. Just as your autofocus camera can’t figure out how to illuminate something against a bright or overcast sky, binoculars may have difficulty mustering the light needed to brighten the distant object you’re trying to identify. Also tough is the inverse of this situation, looking into dark, dense vegetation, a situation in which you need all the light-gathering ability the binoculars can give you. it was almost as if the glaring, whitish background of sky wasn’t there, and the colours just popped to life. Amazing!!

Another great feature of the Solognac’s Serie 100 was the ease and precision of adjusting the focus. It smoothly and accurately adjusts across a wide range of focal depths, with just a quick twist to the adjustment rings. With binoculars you want a happy medium that focuses fast but allows for granular accuracy. And that is what you exactly get with Serie 100 Binoculars.

Image Quality is excellent and sighting far away object and animals is crystal clear even at dusk, this by far won my heart and fell in love with these binoculars.Serie 100 Binoculars are extremely light weight and compact as described  and hence can be taken anywhere at anytime. It also comes with a small compact waterproof foam lined protective carrying case and a neck strap which is looks great, feels reliable and  of high quality.

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One question you’ll likely have when buying any binoculars will be about warranties, especially for new brands or the once you’ve never heard of. And the question is valid.

Binoculars get beat up and dusty, and cheap ones go out of alignment in a few weeks or with a good knock, resulting in double vision or blurry patches. For the record, I accidentally dropped my Solognac Serie 100 binoculars onto a dirt road in Tadoba tiger reserve, while on a safari right onto the focus knob!, I simply picked them up, brushed them off and found they worked just fine.

Nearly all companies today offer a full, transferable, lifetime warranty of any manufacturing defects, but I recommend researching warranties before buying any model, because their details may change in the future.

But take some comfort in knowing that Serie 100 binoculars are now more rugged than ever. They’re about as waterproof as possible, meaning all of their pairs I recommend are sealed against dust, can handle immersion and are pretty rugged for all terrains and weather possible. They also come with rubber caps on both the side to protect the glass elements which keep your binoculars really safe in all conditions.

The binoculars I used day to day as a professional nature and wildlife photographer were the Bushnell Legend L Series 10x42 model, which I purchased about five years ago for around Rs.21000, a whooping price during that time. Yet when I looked through the Solognac’s Serie 100 pair, I could not tell much difference between them and my Bushnell’s, which cost around three times as much. 

Hence from now on Solognac’s Serie 100 Binoculars are my daily go to binoculars, and I would recommend these to all amateurs and professionals out there. I personally vouch for these amazing pair of Binoculars!

A Quick Guide To Use And Adjust Your Binoculars!

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 (twist up-twist out) For non-eyeglass user, twist up the eyecups.

For eyeglass user, keep the eyecups retracted.

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Hold the binoculars with both hands, spot a distant object while carefully moving the barrel downward and upward, until you aligned the eyepiece lens with your interpupillary distance.


Close your right eye, spot an object through the left eyepiece with your left eye, and rotate the focus ring until you get a sharp image

Close your left eye, spot the same object through the right eyepiece with your right eye, and rotate the diopter ring until you get a sharp image.

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After adjusting the diopter ring, you no longer need to use it. Instead, rotate the focus ring - to get a sharp image - whenever you spot an object!

Enjoy Watching You Favourite Birds & Wildlife Out In Nature!!
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