Material, size, elasticity, opacity ... The right legging to practice fitness cardio has several strings to his bow. Sabrina Delahoutre, product manager at Domyos, talks about this essential partner and the right way to choose yours.

Well evacuate the heat

The first function of a fitness legging is to allow you to practice in optimal comfort. And in this context, the evacuation of sweat must be done easily. As a result, polyester leggings are the most recommended to indulge in the joys of cardio fitness. "Unlike the pilates where the leggings can be cotton, the fitness leggings must be polyester so as to be hyper breathable. We did a body mapping to find out which areas of the body had the highest temperature during practice, "says Sabrina. "The back of the knee and the lower back are the most concerned. And for even more breathability, our leggings offer mesh, an even more airy material, in these specific places." To choose your fitness leggings, be sure to select the right material that will allow you to not be too hot during your training!

360 ° movements

Always to allow you to practice in comfort, the leggings must not particularly hinder your movements. "In all fitness practices, practitioners' bodies perform 360 ° movements. Leg lifts, jumps, slits ... The components of the fabric must be extensible to wish and accompany all the gestures. "So do not hesitate to try your leggings and to make some movements to be sure of having found the right partner, who promises you scalability and freedom to move! And then, the legging is also intended to minimize irritation caused by friction between the skin and the fabric. Some models offer flat seams, and on others, they are non-existent because of the manufacturing process: thermobonding (you learn stuff, right?).

Do not let anything pass!

And then, good legging is also a legging that does not let anything pass: "when practicing cardio fitness, the User realize for example jump squats and must be able to rely on the opacity of their leggings," says Sabrina. "Even when stretched to the maximum, the fabric should not become transparent and show the underwear. It is a sine qua non condition to be perfectly comfortable in his practice and it is also a goal that we set with the making of all our leggings. Practitioners must be able to perform all the desired movements, without fear of showing their panties to their fellow practitioners! "

The practical aspect

And, because it is still very useful, some models offer a pocket for receiving a key, a card or a mobile phone. A small detail that can be very useful in a gym where you take a cloakroom. "Some practitioners also like to take their phones to have access to some cardio exercises. The fact of being able to keep on oneself these accessories is a real plus.”

Question of style

Finally, after all these findings, I also advise you and especially to make you happy by choosing the legging that visually pleases you: whether it is plain or printed, do not hesitate to play with the colors and to adopt the panoplie that you will make you feel beautiful as part of your practice. "We all have black and basic leggings in our wardrobe, but the prints are more and more present and combine perfectly with tank tops or plain bras," says the product manager. "The choice of the outfit also participates in the pleasure of practice, it should not be forgotten. " Well said !

And you, for which model of legging did you opt for your practice? Plain, printed, pocket? We are waiting for your testimonials in this matter and your tips for training with comfort and pleasure!

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