As one of my favorite Road Cyclists - Mark Cavendish quotes, “To me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or the sun is shining or whatever: As long as I’m riding a bike I know I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” 

Cycling during the rainy season demands some preparation. But, worry not! We will tell you how to enhance your monsoon cycling experience with some amazing tips and product suggestions.

During my childhood, I used to love riding in the rain. Not only because I loved to get dirty but also the fun that would come along - jumping in those muddy puddles, splashing water on each other. Looking back at it, the game has changed - when traveling back from the office or while going out for a fun ride, we often try to protect ourselves from the harsh weather conditions.

Today's scenario is all about ‘’How can I equip myself while cycling in the rain??’” It is one of the most important things to consider when we go out this monsoon season. 

Here are some suggestions for your Rainy Rides: 
Men's City Cycling Rain Jacket 120 PPE Daily Visibility Certified Neon Yellow

Staying dry for at least 2 hours whilst out riding - all thanks to taped seams and a well-fitted hood. Good ventilation on the sides lets the air in, offering great breathability. 

Morning, noon, or night visibility is always a concern for most cyclists, the neon color provides the solution for this very problem. The jacket being compact and feather-light, making it easier to carry this around - even in your pocket!! While providing all these benefits it is also a 100% Eco-friendly product made out of recycled polyester

Men's Rain Jacket RC100 - Blue  

This jacket makes cycling in light wind and drizzle easier. With a cut design for a more comfortable position on the bike, the jacket comes with lower fabric breathability resistance, evaporating the moisture and keeping you dry. There is also a large pocket at the back to accommodate a multitool, phone, keys, etc. 

100 City Cycling Rain Overtrousers - Black  

Helps you stay dry for at least 2 hours when cycling. There is a good elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit. This facilitates the protection of your shoes with built-in overshoes. Reflective strips on the rear side enhance night visibility. Made easy for packing when it stops raining. 

Waterproof Smartphone Sleeve

We sure have to protect our phones during these rainy rides. Having a good waterproof smartphone pouch with a touch-sensitive feature that allows you to use your phone seamlessly is a necessity. Can accommodate any phone equal to or less than 16 X 8 cm. Comes with a simple yet effective fast fastening system. It has helped my phone not only during cycling but also during my long runs. Not only useful for your phones but can be occupied with keys, cards, cash, etc. 

ST 100 Adult MTB Sunglasses Category 0 - Transparent

100% UV-protected glasses, ideal in cloudy weather or at night. The frame's glasses provide utmost ventilation, Also the large lens helps in enhanced peripheral vision.  Easy to carry and robust enough as it is made out of high-resistance polycarbonate plastic. Clear vision and good clarity are what is promised and out of the experience, it does help you during drizzles and not to forget the dust on the roads. 

ST 100 Adult MTB Sunglasses Category 1 - Yellow

Full UV filter, ideal for foggy/cloudy weather conditions. This helps you mainly during your rides in the city amidst the traffic, the lens assists you with the vehicle lights and makes your vision clear. Being lightweight this glass is easy to carry and stable enough as it comes with grippy arm tips which prevent it from slipping.

Last but not the least, Don't forget to play it safe with a Face Mask 


A new way of moving out is covering yourself with a mask of this kind, comes with 90% filtration efficiency, easy to wear and comfortable fit makes it the best buy. The best thing about this is that it can be used up to 50 washes.  

Tips and Tricks for Soppy ride

  • Please ensure you have the right amount of pressure on both tires.
  • A helmet is a must for a safer ride. Safety on the road should be our top priority.
  • Would be great if you can have a rear blnker just in case for better visibility. 
  • Do try to stay on one side of the road to avoid confusion for the motor vehicles.

To conclude, The above products can help you cycle through the wet roads in a better way. Ride Safe, Happy Monsoon!!!!!

Another quote that would motivate you to keep going - “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to ride in the rain.”

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