India is a country where the word diversity unifies itself. So, travelling to India does require some quick heads up, which if unattended would lead to serious safety concerns, to begin with. After spending some of your valuable time, you will get to know from this article as to how to be ready before the next time you decide to travel in India. Also, timings of the year can be a big deterrent if not managed properly. Let’s jump right into the article without any bated breath and explore the tips and essentials for a better journey in India.


If you have one entire lifetime, that might still fall short of the time you need to visit India. It is the world’s biggest democracy and with its constant cacophony of the multilingual societies embraced by the eye-popping architecture built across centuries by indigenous and medieval influence will surely lure your heart to expand the visa validity for infinity. 

Well, getting to the heart and soul of the motherland of India is nothing short of a journey of a myriad of landscapes. Flanked by all sorts of physical geography- ranging from mountains to beaches and greenery to deserts, India can offer you a global backdrop within its mighty area covering a good 3.29 million sq. Km. While you might be lost in dreams encapsulating your experience when you finally decide to call the shots from India, I can bet it’s an experience no one should miss. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why travel in India?
  2. When to travel to India?
  3. Essentials to travel in India
  4. Tips to travel in India
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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Why travel in India?

Is there not a country that offers a bigger and brighter perspective than India? Well, there might be one. But the culmination of all the cocktails that your mind can visualize will only be quenched through a well-managed visit to this tropical land. The love for nature, culture, food, architecture, history, society, or all of them can be a few of the broad reasons why you should travel in India. 

What’s more interesting is that in India, you don’t have to cross your budget. Connecting with the people in this country is bound to harmonize your humility. With a vivid, extravagant milieu of silent spirituality accompanying the chaos that surrounds the metro cities, India is the answer to your next question of adjusting against unparalleled odds.

From paragliding in the white backgrounds of the Himalayas to river rafting in Mehrangarh, from the safari of Bandhavgarh to trekking up in the North, the activities one can think of taking part in a vacation in India are plenty.

Ever thought you can witness a border retreat ceremony or get entrance into the most guarded walls of the President’s Estate in a foreign land? India has it all for you. If situations don’t turn more nefarious with bordering Pakistan, you can travel up to Wagah border in Punjab to see a bizarre daily ceremony generally held at dusk which evokes poise and elegance of ballet and the showmanship and aggression of professional wrestling. While in Delhi, you just have to keep your identity proofs handy and book into the official portal of “Rashtrapati Bhavan” or President’s Estate for a visit on Saturday to witness the primitive British style change of guards, again an experience you might not be able to capture given the heightened security around the area.

Have you ever thought of living in a palace? If yes, here’s your opportunity to make your dream a reality. Book a one-night room at some of the palace-turned-hotels in the desert state of Rajasthan where your pocket might seem a bit lighter, but your head right to your toe will be wrapped up into uber-luxury beyond imagination. 

When to travel to India?

This is the obvious dilemma. If there are mountains and plain lands, if there are places that can boast of a temperature of 50 degrees Celcius to as low as -10 degrees Celcius, when should you pack your bags for India? While each answer will be debatable across spectrums, experts believe that a time between October and March can be best suited for the over-the-top experience you deserve to be rewarded with.

India offers a well-diversified landscape that can literally lead you to this holy land anytime. But, given the noisy (and sweaty) summers, it is advisable to pick and choose a time during the autumn or early spring. Autumn brings with itself festivals like Durga Puja in the far East to Diwali which is celebrated across the length and breadth of the country. If you land in the country during this time, get ready to be swimming into a sea of beauty as people unleash their best when it comes to the decoration of houses to ramp up themselves.

What’s in store for February/early March? This is the time when winter is just receding as people celebrate the globally known Holi during this time. Well, apart from Holi, you can literally visit any place in February as you don’t genuinely face a chilly winter anywhere and the summer is still quite a distance away from irritating you inside out. You can visit the lush green valleys, relax at the beaches of Goa and go for a trek in the heavenly state of Uttarakhand.

Having said all of this, the timings can be best left at your personal discretion and the climate you are more accustomed to (equatorial residents might prefer the scorching heat of tropical India over a nasty cold bite and vice-versa). Making sure of where you prefer to visit within India may affect your decision additionally over and above the factor stated above. Ready to travel in India then? I snatched your mind’s question, didn't I?

Essentials to travel in India 

Nobody likes having half-hearted semi-complete experiences. While one’s personal credentials and a sturdy backpack with an add-on roller is a must, they must ensure to follow the pointers below to get the best out of their travel experience in India.

  1. Cash in local currency: While a wider part of India has embraced digital payments, a visit to rural India might just expose you to the risk of not carrying Indian currency in your pockets. While you still may end up finding local foreign exchange dealers, it is advisable to have some Indian currency on you at all times. This is the most essential tip if you decide to chart down travel essentials for India.
  2. Electronics: India has a wide array of markets where you can find anything and everything. However, the charger or the camera battery of your choice may just not be available in a Tier-II or smaller city unless you plan to only visit the metropolises, which ideally is a bad idea after all. So, you know the drill, isn’t it?
  3. Light fit clothes: India is a tropical country. Even during October/February, if you decide to visit the southern part of the country, you temperatures you may witness are high. So, ensure to load up your baggage with some cool, airy tees and swimsuits (India has a lesser market for this, you might not find your fit) and yes, scarf and comfortable shoes.
  4. Bug Spray and deodorants: While you might not face termites if you are not opting for a way cheaper hotel, mosquitoes can be your friend-turned-foe if it rains heavily. And for deodorants, the Indian versions can lead you to a gaseous experience than the long-lasting fragrances. Ahh, if you are not picking a bottle of Itar (perfumes from the Mughal era) from Agra.
  5. Medication: India is considered as the pharmacy of the world, and you can find all necessary drugs at reasonable prices, but having some handy in your bags won’t be a bad idea, especially after having indulged in mouth-watering street foods. Rehydration powders are always a must as the Indian version may not be tailor-made for some people in some cases.
  6. Cable locks: You can use them during inter-state train trips, or they can be your ultimate companion during a staycation at the local inn.

 There goes the ultimate cheat sheet for your travel essentials for India!

Tips to travel in India  

  1. Don’t try to cover too much ground: While India can be enchanting with its modesty and luxury, if you think you can literally cover every nook and corner within a limited time span, you'll have to re-do your plans. Make a detailed sheet before beginning the travel in India.
  2. Go beyond the cities: India is not just about the bellwether towered cities with oozing population, it’s much more than that. Rural India has a lot to offer, culturally, socio-economically, and politically to understand the landscape of India as a whole.
  3. Enjoy the street foods, but not too much of the raw stuff: While street foods are a must-have in your to-do list when visiting India, make sure you’re having them in bits and pieces and avoiding roadside juices and salads, even if claimed to be fresh. 
  4. Using your hands, it’s not that unhygienic either: While eating with bare hands may seem awkward at first, you are not expected to get the real taste unless you ditch the spoons and forks of the world!
  5. Beware of the roadside scams: It may range from selling amulets to some sales gimmick, but even Indians fall prey to such blatant mismanagement, leaving aside foreigners. One of the necessary India travel tips for sure.
  6. SIM Cards can be a pain: Not the one which the painkiller drives away, but surely you would need to get a local Airtel/Vodafone/Jio SIM from the authentic store and not from the random outlets where paperwork can be risky and lengthy at the same time.
  7. Baggage should not be monstrous: Any additional luggage over and above 15 kgs/person in domestic airports would attract unnecessary additional charges, something you won’t like to pay. So, try to keep individual luggage lean and light. 
  8. The Indianised head wobble: While it may seem a little outlandish, a simple right and a left nod can go a long way in establishing useful connections within India, irrespective of where you go. Easy, isn’t it?
  9. Driving on the left: While taking cabs (Uber/Ola or the tourist cabs) will be a foremost priority, if you at all want to take a dive into driving, make sure to be careful. Indians drive on the left and the traffic can be heart-wrenching at times. Kudos if you get through that though!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What not to pack in a carry-on bag while travelling in India?

Well, first and most important, avoid carrying any liquid/perishable objects in your hand luggage. Even the perfume can be confiscated by airport security if it’s above a certain size. Also, avoid jewellery or any other precious items for that matter. Also, any sports items should not form part of your baggage unless you’re a budding sportsperson visiting Indian soil.

2. What should I pack for a trip to India?

To make a long story short, here is a list of items that should be part of your package, other than the ones mentioned above:

  • Medications
  • Pen to fill any form
  • Portable charger & travel adapter
  • Earphones and eye mask
  • Wet/dry tissues
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel padlock
  • Skincare products
  • Cell phone
  • Camera
  • Medications
  • Pen to fill any form
  • Portable charger & travel adapter
  • Earphones and eye mask
  • Wet/dry tissues
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel padlock
  • Skincare products
  • Cell phone
  • Camera.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it can be said that India has a lot to offer. Booking through a travel agency can always be better and more organized as and when there is a plan to travel in India. We all believe in the Sanskrit saying of “Atithi Devo Bhava” (which means guests are equivalent to God), hence it is India’s prime pleasure to host you as its extended family. The warmth you will receive on a personal basis is irreplicable and will make a mark in your inner self as you move back. 

See you on our shores, soon!
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