Whether it's the speed, the road, or just a nice ride that you enjoy, B'Twin Road Bikes are designed for both cyclists who want to get into road riding as well as demanding competitors. Take a look at our tips for helping you choose your road bike

You should choose your road bike based on your usage: fitness or performance.


Are you a beginner or an old hand? Choosing a road bike means taking into account your standard and expectations.

If you are looking for performance:

You need a frame that is light and efficient. These bikes are lighter than a fitness road bike, with a frame designed for a more dynamic kind of cycling however hilly the terrain is, from flat ground to mountains.

An aluminium frame will give you good performance as well as plenty of comfort.

A carbon frame will be very efficient and lighter without sacrificing comfort.

For fitness use or if you are just getting into road cycling:
Go for a bike whose geometry gives you a more comfortable position. An aluminium frame is a good idea because it will be lighter and more efficient. Carbon forks also help make bikes lighter.

You can always opt for a flat handlebar to make the bike comfier and easier to handle. A road bike with a flat, light, fast and responsive handlebar is equally as good for riding around town.


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